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Morning zoo radio thinly disguised as a Linux gaming podcast. Whether you’re a seasoned Linux gamer or just starting out, we have something for everyone. So join us on our journey into the world of Linux gaming!


Will Steam Embrace The Dark Side?
Them's Fightin' Herds calls it quits, Gaming with the Intel Arc A310 on Linux, Hatsune Miku invades NecroDancer, Ross Scott wants publishers to stop killing games, and will Steam ever embrace the dark side?
79:51 4/8/24
The End Of Exclusives & Battlemage GPUs Confirmed!
Exclusive deals are drying up for indie developers, Phil says "yes" to third-party stores on Xbox, Intel Battlemage spotted in the wild, and SDL3 vs. Wayland.
70:50 3/31/24
There’s Always Room 4 Steam Family
Steam Families gets a HUGE upgrade! Playtron is a new Linux-based OS for handheld gaming devices. Rusty NVIDIA drivers from RedHat
69:11 3/24/24
NVIDIA Flexes On Linux
Hot reflex action comes to Linux! Steam has a Springy sale, OBS gets a PipeWire-powered camera, Suyu Switches up emulation
76:56 3/17/24
AMD Cracks Down On FreeSync
Steam Decks receive a horizon button! AMD cracks down on FreeSync certification, Linux reaches 4% desktop market share
71:40 3/11/24
Nintendo Sues Yuzu and Roblox Bans Linux
Nintendo gonna sue somebody and this time it's the creators of the open-source Switch emulator, Yuzu! Roblox pulls the plug for Linux gamers
72:13 3/3/24
678% Performance Boost For Linux Gaming
Steam Audio SDK goes open-source! CodeWeavers' Linux kernel tweaks deliver impressive performance gains, Last Epoch launches on Linux day one, a Godot-powered game launcher
75:02 2/25/24
Can We Ditch Yellow Paint in Games?
After 5 years of updates, Dead Cells development has ended. Meanwhile, Neverwinter Nights: The Enhanced Edition fixes 20-year-old bugs. A reverse-engineered
76:55 2/19/24
Half-Life Mysteries & Disney Deals
The first Half-Life 3 leak of 2024 has arrived! Orange Pi unveils a Linux-powered x86 Steam Deck competitor, Disney throws a billion-dollar check at Epic, and our top picks from Steam Next Fest.
66:31 2/12/24

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