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Cracking the Code of Spy Movies!

Join us in Cracking the Code of Spy Movies! - Podcasts on James Bond, Mission: Impossible, Bourne and the Best of the Rest of spy movies from 1935 to today! Decoding the scenes & hidden connections! We're uncovering the inter-connections, relationships, unique concepts, and key scenes in all these genres so that we can all discover something new. We examine how spy films influence each other and how real world events impact spy movies! Join Tom and Dan on this continuous adventure, diving into spy movies. So, join the fun and we’ll all become spy movie navigators! We will navigate our way through all these spy movie genres together through podcasts, videos, online discussions, submission by our Community and more! We interview authors, movie personnel, and many others who are part of the spy movie community! We will have podcasts from cool locations too, and continue to visit spy movie location sites throughout the world! We're building a Worldwide Community of Spy Movie Fans, and you're invited!


James Bond's CASINO ROYALE Pre-Title Sequence Decoded! 35:12 09/21/2021
Gadgets in James Bond's YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE Decoded! 25:05 09/14/2021
James Bond - The Daniel Craig Arc from CASINO ROYALE to SPECTRE and Beyond! 41:04 09/07/2021
Spy Movie News August 24 2021: Bond, MI7, The Gray Man, Argylle more! 12:48 08/24/2021
THE PROTEGE - a Quick-Fire, No-Spoilers Review! 14:52 08/21/2021
THE LAST MERCENARY - A Quick-Fire No-Spoilers Look! 10:47 08/17/2021
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE II Pre-Title Sequence Decoded! 35:54 08/10/2021
Second Anniversary Show! 20:04 08/03/2021
Spy Movie News July 27 2021 Black Widow, M7, No Time to Die+ 19:16 07/27/2021
Gadgets in James Bond's THUNDERBALL Decoded! 27:07 07/20/2021
BLACK WIDOW - a Quick-Fire , No Spoiler Reaction! 24:25 07/13/2021
LIVE AND LET DIE Pre-Title Sequence Decoded! 44:54 07/06/2021
Spy Movie News June 29 2021: Amazon, 007, Fleming, Gray Man, Black Widow More! 16:14 06/29/2021
Billion Dollar Brain - Decoded! 56:00 06/22/2021
Cracking the Code of Spy Movies - What Our Podcasts & Videos are About! In 35 Seconds! 00:37 06/17/2021
Harry Palmer, Len Deighton, Billion Dollar Brain with Rob Mallows! 19:32 06/15/2021
Diamonds Are Forever Pre-Title Sequence Decoded 37:06 06/08/2021
Spy Movie News - June 1 2021: Amazon/MGM, Broccoli, Bond & Marvel More! 11:05 06/01/2021
On Her Majesty's Secret Service Pre-Title Sequence Decoded! 34:54 05/25/2021
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Cliff Walkers - A Quick-Fire Look - No Spoilers! 09:11 05/11/2021
Spy Movie News May 4 2021 10:39 05/04/2021
James Bond Filming Locations Around the World - with Johannes Eklund 59:54 04/27/2021
YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE Pre-Title Sequence Decoded 19:27 04/20/2021
Spy Movies For Kids - behind the PG rating of SPIES IN DISGUISE! 07:22 04/13/2021
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 1 Pre-Title Sequence Decoded! 23:01 04/06/2021
Spy Movie News March 30 2021 11:03 03/30/2021
THE COURIER - A Quick-Fire Look at the Greville Wynne-Oleg Penkovsky Cold War spy thriller 10:49 03/27/2021
THUNDERBALL - Pre-Title Sequence Decoded 37:04 03/23/2021
GOLDFINGER - Pre-Title Sequence Decoded! 28:52 03/16/2021