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Sexy Sunday - Easy
This week Jess and Anouchka take a look at the anthology series Easy and take a closer look at threesomes, open relationships, and grey jogging bottoms.
38:23 09/18/2022
Sexy Sunday - Friends With Benefits & No Strings Attached
This week we look at two films with an identical premise: Friends With Benefits and No Strings Attached. But are the sex scenes equally as good?
45:05 09/04/2022
Me Party - Nope
In this episode of Me Party, Anna talks about the film ‘Nope’.
07:48 08/22/2022
Sexy Sunday - Girls
This week, we look at the entitled millennial lives of Girls. Join us as we go deep into the awkward sex scenes of Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shosh, and all the escapades they get up to along the way.
43:58 08/21/2022
Me Party - Elvis
In the first episode of Me Party, Anna talks about the film 'Elvis'. 
16:57 08/09/2022
Sexy Sunday - Elvis
This week, Anouchka and special guest Ted review Elvis by Baz Luhrmann, and analyse how sex can be portrayed on screen in more ways than one might think. 
35:02 08/07/2022
Me Party - Trailer
Named after one of the hits in the 2011 film 'The Muppets', Me Party is the reviewing party podcast of one, where Anna talks about what she's seen on her own.   
00:45 08/06/2022
Sexy Sunday - Zara Woolf Interview
This week Anouchka interviews filmmaker Zara Woolf about filmmaking, sex scenes, intimacy coordination and first crushes.
32:06 07/23/2022
Sexy Sunday - Good Luck To You Leo Grande
This week we took ourselves out to watch Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack in Good Luck To You Leo Grande, sparking conversations about sex work and coming of age (at any age). 
36:46 07/10/2022
Wild Angel Interview With Zara Woolf
Anna interviews Zara Woolf about her latest short film ‘Wild Angel’. Wild Angel follows the coming of age journey of bisexual teen Angel as she navigates the first steps in pursuit of her dream career.
26:28 06/28/2022
Tasty Debrief - The Nest
Anna is back! She reviews the Sean Durkin film, The Nest, which stars Jude Law and Carrie Coon.
06:15 06/27/2022
Sexy Sunday - Normal People : Conversations With Friends
Why does Sally Rooney only write female characters you're meant to hate? What's with Conversations with Friends being so boring? And is Marianne and Connell's sex life actually quite boring? These are questions we seek to answer, and more, on this week's episode of Sexy Sunday!
40:44 06/25/2022
Sexy Sunday - Euphoria
This week we look at the sexed-up lives of the teens at Euphoria high, where we explore their highs of season 1 and the unfortunate lows of season 2. 
57:21 06/12/2022
Sexy Sunday - Chewing Gum
This week we look at the awkward and horny life of Tracey from Chewing Gum, and discuss her hilarious journey towards losing her virginity. 
40:09 05/29/2022
Sexy Sunday - Porn vs Sex Scenes
Are sex scenes hotter than porn? And if so, why? These are the questions we discuss in detail on this episode of Sexy Sunday!
37:32 05/15/2022
Sexy Sunday - Weeds
This week we dive into Anouchka's favourite show Weeds, and the surprisingly raunchy number of sex scenes. We discuss our favourite scenes, as well as how much we can understand about the characters from just their sex scenes.
44:58 05/08/2022
Sexy Sunday - Bridgerton
Anouchka and Jess discuss the multitude of sex scenes in the hit period drama, Bridgerton. This includes a chat about the strange sex appeal of forearms.
45:42 05/01/2022
Sexy Sunday - Will They Won't They
Anouchka and Jessica talk about 'will they or won't they?' on-screen couples, starting with the disappointing climax to How I Met Your Mother.  
71:50 04/24/2022
Sexy Sunday - American Psycho
This week we look at American Psycho, a cult classic and Anouchka's favourite movie! Be prepared to know all the American Psycho trivia, as well as a new found obsession for Christian Bale's artistic process!  
47:38 04/17/2022
Sexy Sunday - 50 Shades Of Grey & After
Why do all these fanfiction movies romanticise abusive relationships? And why is there always the "bad boy who's actually sensitive" and "plain girl that everyone fancies" trope in these films? These are the questions we hope to answer in this week's episode of Sexy Sunday!
49:11 04/10/2022
Sexy Sunday - You
Join us as we look at Joe's creepy sexual conquests, discussing in detail which love interest we preferred (spoiler alert: it wasn't Beck) and where we have lots of fun dissecting all the hot sex scenes.
56:22 04/03/2022
Sexy Sunday - Industry
This week we join the new graduates at Pierpoint as they navigate their new high-stress jobs and their sexual relationships. And there are many sexual conquests to explore, especially lots of exciting build-up and sexual tension!
47:35 03/27/2022
The Tinder Swindler
Anna and James say goodbye (for now) as they review the Netflix documentary, The Tinder Swindler.
41:20 03/26/2022
Sexy Sunday - Fleabag
Join us as we dissect Fleabag's sexual escapades in all their awkward glory! And, of course, where we show our love to the Hot Priest and all the juicy sexual tension.
42:31 03/20/2022
Sexy Sunday - New Gossip Girl
This week we go ALL IN on the new Gossip Girl, a reboot that (in our opinion) is simultaneously boring and gives you whiplash! But how do we feel about the sex scenes and the characters? 
43:35 03/13/2022
Sexy Sunday - Sexify
Join us this week as we discuss the Polish show "Sexify", where we lust after Polish Timmy, revel in the antics of the Easter episode, and dissect whether this show actually destigmatizes the female orgasm.
44:17 03/06/2022
Sexy Sunday - Entourage
This week we journey back to the early 2000s and dive into the sex scenes of Entourage, looking at how the show has aged and whether the characters are purely misogynistic or a critique of misogyny. Or perhaps a bit of both!
39:07 02/27/2022
Sexy Sunday - Sex Education
Join us as we dissect the awkward sex lives of Moordale's own, discussing in detail what impact the sex scenes have on the storylines and whether this show is as subversive as it thinks it is. 
40:03 02/20/2022
Close-Up Culture Turns 5!
Close-Up Culture is five years old! James and Anna celebrate this special birthday by talking about the quirks and perks of running a website. 
37:15 02/12/2022
Tasty Debrief - Dexter: New Blood Review
James gives his take on Dexter: New Blood and the controversial finale.
14:02 01/11/2022