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Juror Misconduct Law in Review

Juror Misconduct Law in Review is hosted by Attorney Nilgun Aykent Zahour from SM JUROR where our motto is: "Don't let juror misconduct taint your verdict." We analyze current state and federal juror misconduct cases and provide attorneys with strategies to identify, preserve and advance juror misconduct issues at trial, and on appeal, under the abuse of discretion standard of review.


#27: What to do with the laughing juror 11:55 12/12/2019
The SM JUROR Podcast #26: Does the jury's inadvertent consideration of the defendant's insurance policy result in prejudicial juror misconduct? 10:24 10/19/2019
#25: Does the jury’s knowledge of publicized videotaped trial proceedings on social media prejudice the defendant? 17:04 10/14/2019
#24: Exploring the relationship between the juror and the trial witness 09:32 10/07/2019
#23: Is a sequestered jury's fear of not being fed an adverse influence on their deliberations? 15:38 06/22/2019
#22: Is a post-verdict evidentiary hearing required to determine a juror's competency due to admitted memory lapses during trial? 11:47 05/27/2019
#21: The injection of a juror's personal experiences and a juror's translation efforts 17:41 12/17/2018
#20: A LinkedIn notification of the viewing of a party’s profile leads to research of social media profiles & Google search histories to prove juror misconduct. 26:36 12/15/2018
#19: Does a text message to a juror, “Please don’t send my brother to jail,” result in jury tampering? 13:47 12/12/2018
#18: Trivial juror misconduct and the ineffective assistance of counsel claim 10:27 12/10/2018
#17: The delay in presenting known juror misconduct backfires 07:51 12/07/2018
#16: The juror who says he will find the defendant guilty regardless of the evidence 07:51 12/05/2018
#15: Rebutting the presumption of prejudice when jurors do internet research 10:28 12/03/2018
#14: Does the jury's use of technology to enhance visual acuity result in experimentation and juror misconduct? 07:37 11/30/2018
#13: Does an alternate juror's presence in the jury room during deliberations result in improper communications? 12:47 11/19/2018
#12: Can the bailiff's interactions with a juror, who wants to be excused, lead to a new trial? 20:06 11/14/2018
#11: The trial court's broad discretion in investigating juror misconduct 10:01 11/07/2018
#10: The request to release the jury’s contact information because one juror conducted internet research 15:54 11/05/2018
#9: Does a juror's incorrect belief about the law result in juror misconduct? 10:17 11/02/2018
#8: Does the jury's use of playback tools to enhance video evidence result in juror misconduct? 07:41 10/29/2018
#6: Juror's internet research on premeditation definition did not prejudice the convicted murderer 13:36 10/23/2018
#7: A juror suspects the jury deliberated without him while he was in the bathroom. Is this juror misconduct? 06:36 10/23/2018
#5: A juror's romantic feelings toward an attorney 06:59 10/18/2018
#4: Can a juror's questions about the burden of proof lead to juror misconduct? 08:24 10/15/2018
#3: Establishing a presumption of prejudice in suspected juror misconduct cases 10:09 10/05/2018
#2: Look out for the Scripture quoting pastor-juror in death penalty cases 08:40 10/04/2018
#1: Social media juror monitoring to prevent potential juror misconduct 23:08 10/03/2018