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Tony Funderburk

Author, Music Producer, Singer Songwriter, Podcaster


God of Christmas rules and deniers are just fools 05:17 12/25/2021
Against the law. Did you see what I saw? 07:44 10/03/2021
Gotta serve somebody. Oh the nerve of somebody 04:47 10/02/2021
Famous last words of foolish jaybirds 09:16 10/01/2021
Your understanding doesn’t make a good landing 05:39 09/30/2021
Lost love, the chairman, and something in the air, man 06:04 09/29/2021
Fluff the pillow, feel the wind blow, sleeping willow 05:26 07/06/2021
Lariat Loop where the eagles swoop 11:27 07/05/2021
Word power in your brain helps you on the right train 🎶 09:50 06/27/2021
Masterplan, yes. The kind we don’t have to guess. 11:33 06/26/2021
My cup runs over through thorns and through clover 10:12 06/19/2021
Legal protections lead in the wrong directions 06:52 06/13/2021
Ignorance is bliss unless it’s anything like this 08:13 06/08/2021
Time flies by so fast in this world where we’re cast 10:41 06/07/2021
Faster than light to where day becomes night 08:12 06/06/2021
Bedbugs bite, but not in the starlight 08:06 06/03/2021
Think back and talk some smack 05:14 06/02/2021
June bugs, watermelon – It’s nostalgia I’m tellin’ 08:37 06/01/2021
Addition and subtraction make sense with liquefaction 07:24 05/31/2021
Uncomfortable conversation with a quickly fading nation 04:28 05/29/2021
Accidentally on purpose where bad science can’t usurp us 08:49 05/27/2021
Make a wish to abolish and demolish 10:58 05/26/2021
Bad is bad when it’s this sad fad 06:43 05/25/2021
There you go again, not putting the if with then. 10:33 05/24/2021
Ancient age appears when clocks miscount the years 12:50 05/22/2021
The end of humanity and the definition of insanity 05:33 05/21/2021
Murder mayhem and madness beat up on tidings of gladness 08:55 05/20/2021
What can cause stress and make life a mess? 06:55 05/19/2021
Music and mercy there’s no controversy 05:33 05/17/2021
Express your beliefs like the super-rich chiefs 07:13 05/15/2021