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Rhyme and Reason with Tony Funderburk

In each episode of the Rhyme and Reason Podcast, Tony Funderburk shares how life makes sense. As an author of more than 20 books for adults and kids, and a songwriter with hundreds of songs to his credit, Tony wants to show you why you’re important. Get some free words and music by jumping on the Rhyme and Reason Bandwagon at It’s like a backstage pass to the secrets of eternal life.


Express your beliefs like the super-rich chiefs 07:12 05/15/2021
Hindsight is 20 20 for some but not for plenty 07:45 05/14/2021
Relationship is key to a blessed eternity 08:57 05/11/2021
Cling to what is good. Yes, we certainly should. 09:05 05/10/2021
Unborn children have rights to all their days and nights 08:58 05/06/2021
Empty the ocean was a poetic notion 03:37 05/05/2021
Time shall be no more. What do they say that for? 06:01 05/04/2021
Right or Wrong – the idealogical song 06:25 05/02/2021
Ponder the past even though it doesn’t last 08:22 05/01/2021
Spiritual songs were sung when I was young 08:24 04/30/2021
2000 songs to listen to and not be tired when you’re through 11:34 04/29/2021
Feet of clay walk you away from life today 04:51 04/27/2021
Songwriters in the round where some new songs were found 07:24 04/26/2021
Knight in shining armor and the bully disarmer 07:57 04/25/2021
Stick shift, a driving gift that gave a young boy a lift 09:54 04/24/2021
Nineteen ninety nine and a band of mine 06:41 04/23/2021
Move it or lose it. It’s up to you to choose it. 07:08 04/22/2021
Tough stuff can make you tough enough 09:59 04/21/2021
Contemplative way on a certain birthday 05:51 04/20/2021
Spreading the ashes with dampened eyelashes 12:10 04/18/2021
Celebrating Mom with a memorial Psalm 05:51 04/17/2021
Peace of mind to those left behind 10:17 04/16/2021
Podcasting host doesn’t wanna be a ghost 06:25 04/15/2021
Truth is eternal. Put that in your journal. 09:57 04/08/2021
Hawk and dove and the perfect love 12:45 04/07/2021
Something to sing about in this era of doubt 08:46 04/06/2021
Stand for something right and never lose sight 08:48 04/05/2021
Greener pastures do exist. How’s that for a twist? 09:08 04/03/2021
What you know that just ain’t so 10:06 04/02/2021
Influencers and teens and psychedelic scenes 05:12 04/01/2021