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ITNS Radio brings you the best Songwriters, Artists and Music Professionals of all genres from all over the world! This is the place for great music, interviews by professionals in the music field and a whole lot more!!! Come into the Neon Lights, ITNS Radio!!! DISCLAIMER: Receiving airplay on ITNS Radio is free. All the artist's that we feature or play their music have rights to the music submitted to us. Since then the company has expanded to include the promotion and bookings of musicians from all over the world and their respective genres. We also have our very own virtual venue with Main Stage, Expo area with booths, Sponsors and our very own Neon Lounge where artists, fans and music industry pros network. The performers make money on ticket sales, etc.#itnsradio,#itunes,#Spotify,#iHeartRadio,#GooglePodcasts,#Castbox,#Deezer,#PodcastAddict,#Podchaser, #JioSaavn,#youtube, #facebook, #twitter, #instagram,#samwtkinscountry, #radiopublic, #music, #radio, #singersongwriter, #concerts, #spreaker, #promotion, #booking, #talent, #bands


Jeffrey Hutcherson Talks About The Mississippi Songwriter's Festival 18:34 09/10/2021
A Heart to Heart with the Autistic Warrior 48:49 09/09/2021
Bathe in Opulence with this interview featuring the Luxurious Outlaw! 48:29 08/06/2021
An Interview with the Eclectic and Talented Band Bazerk 05:40 08/06/2021
ITNS Radio's Neon Rotation 29:09 07/03/2021
Quarandreaming With Legrand On ITNS Radio 20:20 07/01/2021
JD Carroll Ladies And Gentlemen 51:37 06/29/2021
ITNS Radio's Neon Rotation 37:27 06/26/2021
David Vaters Is Back With Another Hit 18:30 06/25/2021
Roger Connelly's Got A Brand New Bag 23:33 06/21/2021
ITNS Radio's Neon Rotation 59:11 06/19/2021
Avva Joins Us 13:05 06/16/2021
Sean Graham and Jim Birmingham Join Us 35:16 06/16/2021
ITNS Radio's Neon Rotation 58:47 06/12/2021
Kika Morelan Joins Us 53:14 06/11/2021
The Amazing Kate Magdalena 63:21 06/08/2021
ITNS Radio's Neon Rotation 58:37 06/05/2021
William Mahler Joins Us 41:01 06/01/2021
ITNS Radio's Neon Rotation 59:29 05/29/2021
Everybody Say Laura Cheadle Rocks 31:39 05/25/2021
Dale Paul Lindsey Joins Us 31:21 05/24/2021
Derrick Zuber Joins Us 26:56 05/23/2021
Birmingham Brings Us Lilly In The Static Tree 20:06 05/22/2021
ITNS Radio's Neon Rotation 54:40 05/22/2021
ParriaH Just Keeps Coming Back 69:28 05/21/2021
Get In The Zone On ITNS Radio 54:10 05/20/2021
ITNS Radio's Neon Rotation 60:34 05/15/2021
Is No Quit In Sat Game aka Mr. Everywhere 22:35 05/13/2021
Kickboxer Hitstar Joins Us 46:53 05/10/2021
Lyin Face Down With Lank & The Shanks (Part Two) 28:11 05/08/2021