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The If You Could See Me Project

The If You Could See Me Project is a multi-media initiative that looks past labels and surface judgments to see real, diverse, fascinating people living with mental health diagnoses. They are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, friends, artists, activists, veterans, and above all human beings with whole lives not defined by their diagnoses.People don’t take the time to see each other. We make judgments, we attach labels, we assume – we often do not see. Founder Erin Mahone, believes in seeing, hearing, learning, and being present with one another. The worst thing that a person can feel in this life is invisible. To be seen is to be truly alive. The #IfYouCouldSeeMe project is a relationship between storyteller and audience; an understanding that through sharing, and by witnessing, we are all being seen.


Therapist Corner Rebroadcast Bans off our bodies: Holding space 18:08 05/06/2022
Talking about Addiction Honestly with Erin and Special Guest Honesty 61:04 04/30/2022
Coffee and conversation with Author Craig Lewis 58:58 04/09/2022
Suicide in the Black Community w/Erin and Calendria Arroyo 73:00 03/18/2022
Celebrating Black Women Part 1 49:40 03/03/2022
Coffee and Conversations with Justine Evirs 29:55 02/25/2022
It all Started with a Broken Pelvis: Episode 1 Rebroadcast 16:25 01/24/2022
If You Could See Me: Into the Light Rebroadcast 93:57 01/24/2022
The Myths of Bipolar and How I Live Successfully with Tammy Ozolins 62:46 12/30/2021
Mental Health and Religion with Tara Culton 68:48 12/23/2021
Talking Learning Diabilities with Erica Nichols 48:55 12/16/2021
Coffee and Conversation with Sally Spencer Thomas 41:08 12/09/2021
Healing, Building, Creating and Envisioning with Amanda Lynch 39:03 12/02/2021
The holidays don't have to suck with the ineffable, Melissa Earley! 62:32 11/18/2021
Versus and Versions of Independance with Rob Targos 58:21 11/11/2021
All Things Mental Health with guest Kristin Sunanta Walker 60:59 11/04/2021
Storytelling on Purpose with Nick Baskerville 58:55 10/28/2021
Racial Disparities in Women's Health with Jamie Reavis 82:58 10/21/2021
Claiming our Creative Identity with Donna Joyce 69:21 10/07/2021
Mental Health Awareness conversations with Tara Culton 67:32 09/16/2021
Mental Health in the LGBTQ+ Community with Kota Hale 67:33 09/02/2021
Mental health Crisis and hospitalization - A parent's Journey with Kimberly Johnson 59:30 08/26/2021
Understanding Complex PTSD with Pamela Lynn Hock 63:27 08/19/2021
Separating the Suffering, the Stigma, and the Self w/Danny Holcomb 71:26 04/04/2021
The "Why Try" Effect w/Traci Jones 48:40 03/29/2021
Brain Injury Awareness w/Melissa Earley 68:22 03/21/2021
Saturday Morning Coffee with Erin and Lucretia 17:45 03/08/2021
Hope, Healing, Self-Advocacy and Llama power with Heather Pate 65:08 02/23/2021
Saturday Morning Coffee with Erin and Lucretia 73:09 02/08/2021
Feelings tell an important story: Mindful Self-Compassion w/Steve Hickman 67:35 01/09/2021