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Talking Till Dawn

Unexplained mysteries, curiosities, eerie urban legends, tragic true crime... Mike and Martin discuss the dark oddities of life, with warmth, humour, an open mind, and a critical eye in this fresh new podcast from the team behind the Ghastly Tales Horror Show. Turn down the lights, pour a drink, and stay up with us as we talk till dawn. Tweet us @talkingtill


The Flatwoods Monster: Horror in Braxton County 110:40 10/03/2021
Lostwave: The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet 66:16 08/31/2021
The Pentagon UFO Report [UNLOCKED Patreon Bonus Episode] 48:28 08/25/2021
The World's End Murders & The Crimes of Angus Sinclair (Part 2) 128:11 07/30/2021
The World's End Murders & The Crimes of Angus Sinclair (Part 1) 91:44 06/30/2021
True Urban Legends: Killer Barbers, Motel Corpses & Candlelight Prowlers 67:49 05/30/2021
Balls from Beyond: Robert Taylor & the Dechmont Woods UFO Incident 42:23 04/28/2021
Bom Bom Tarrare! The Cannibal Glutton of the French Revolution 100:43 03/28/2021
Giant Sea Monsters Attack! (Part 2): Lusca, Monster Octopus, Pensacola Beast, Sea Serpents 120:31 02/25/2021
Giant Sea Monsters Attack! (Part 1): UB-85 Atrocity, USS Stein, Giant & Colossal Squid 91:07 01/28/2021
The Cash-Landrum Incident: Did this UFO Encounter Cause Radiation Sickness? 59:34 12/29/2020
The Disturbing Gremlins Santa Story... Fact or Fiction? 29:18 12/23/2020
The Monster of the Andes: Pedro Alonso López 111:42 12/16/2020
Numbers Stations, Mystery Broadcasts & Broadcast Signal Intrusions 116:29 10/28/2020
Erdstalls, the Mystery Goblin Tunnels of Europe 77:16 08/25/2020
Sky Monsters: Rods, Blobs & Thingumabobs 117:36 07/27/2020
Spring-heeled Jack, the Fire-Spewing Phantom of London 115:37 05/27/2020
Nahanni, Valley of the Headless Men 79:09 05/03/2020
Bible John, Scotland's Unknown Serial Killer (Part 2) 104:35 03/06/2020
Bible John, Scotland's Unknown Serial Killer (Part 1) 79:10 02/17/2020
The Black-Eyed Kids Phenomenon: Don't Open that Door! 70:46 02/03/2020
Nessie and the Loch Monsters of Scotland (Part 3) 92:19 01/05/2020
The Devil's Footprints: A Chilling Winter Mystery 26:55 01/01/2020
The Warminster 'Thing': A Flying Saucer for Christmas? 36:04 12/26/2019
Who Killed Latricia White? A Christmas True Crime Mystery. 26:10 12/18/2019
The Life and Afterlife of Elmer McCurdy, Fairground Corpse 60:14 11/30/2019
Nessie and the Loch Monsters of Scotland (Part 2) 68:31 11/17/2019
The Strange Possession of Maria Talarico 67:57 11/02/2019
Nessie and the Loch Monsters of Scotland (Part 1) 67:45 10/25/2019