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EntheoRadio interviews the leading figures and teachers in the field of shamanism, holistic health, consciousness, and traditional use of herbs (Ethnobotany). In recent years, hosts and guests have been daring enough to discuss personal psychology, alternative media, and theories about life on Earth. In the past our show was open to callers and hosted by BlogtalkRadio for six years. Speak up about consciousness with us; we want to hear your transformational ritual or psychedelic stories.


Andrew Reynolds Psilocybin Guide in Denver 53:07 03/16/2022
EntheoRadio 2022 Lois Koffi 42:02 02/19/2022
Listening To Esctasy with Charles Wininger 69:35 01/13/2021
Renato Guerrero: Hybrid Theory and Psychedelic Snuffs, Cactus and Mushrooms 79:57 12/04/2019
Sacred Mushroom Rituals and Blood of Quetzalcoatl with Tom Lane 127:23 11/25/2019
Erika Buenaflor: Curandera for a Living Shamanic Tradition 53:22 11/21/2019
MindApps Psychedelics and Beyond with Thomas Roberts Ph.D. 63:19 11/13/2019
Itzhak Beery Returns 2019 Shamanism, Ayahuasca and La Limpia 81:07 11/07/2019
Halloween Witchy Mushroom Magic with Rayne Grant 108:57 11/01/2019
Spooky Sounds and Trauma Release through Music with Bill Protzmann 83:47 10/24/2019
Decriminalizing Magic Mushrooms Psilocybin in California 76:52 10/10/2019
Plant Consciousness and Entheogens with Davyd Ferrell 81:03 10/03/2019
EntheoRadio Classic Ross Heaven September 11th 2013 45:07 09/10/2019
Rick Doblin MAPS 2010 Live Show Season 1 EntheoRadio 60:14 08/19/2019
Raw Chocolate Consciousness with Dennis Green Medicine Deer 34:45 08/18/2019
Little Saints with Oliver Quintanilla July 18 2014 44:23 07/26/2019
Santos Ninos Oliver Quintanilla Mushroom Documentary Little Saints 94:01 07/26/2019
Isaac Boatright: Alchemist, Author and Toltec Shaman 60:19 07/16/2019
Shamanic Healing with Itzhak Beery July10, 2019 156:53 07/11/2019
Entheoradio interviews Charles Grob 2011 77:37 07/02/2019
EntheoRadio-first-show-Stephen-Grey-2011-March 101:48 06/28/2019
Stephen Gray on Entheogens, Cannabis and Spirituality 64:53 06/25/2019
Leah Rose Duke Interviews Trevahr Hughes 59:48 04/14/2019
Entheogenic Mindstates and Advanced Spiritual Intimacy 100:49 03/19/2019
Combining Healing Modalities with Serena Gabriel 107:17 09/19/2015
Forensic Astrology and Everyday Applications 78:35 08/22/2015
Cannabis for Lyme and the Natural Reconnection 89:26 03/31/2015
Fallen Angels and Timothy Wyllie author of Rebel Angels in Exile 115:16 01/12/2015