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The CPG & CBD University Podcast, produced by Global Widget, LLC, is intended for audiences who are interested in learning more about CBD, health and wellness products. Each podcast episode will examine the burgeoning industry, including the latest news and trends, information around the sourcing, manufacturing, testing and distribution of CBD, health and wellness products, and any new product details from Global Widget’s in-house and private label brands.


Episode 125 - Lab Testing with Eurofins Scientific
Global Widget is proud to partner with Eurofins Scientific, whose mission it is to contribute to global health and safety by providing customers with high-quality laboratory and advisory services. On Episode 125, Vanessa Snyder, Business Development Director, discusses the services Eurofins provides to its customers and the measures it takes to be a leading international group of laboratories with more than 55,000 employees across 900 sites. Learn about some of its 200,000 analytical methods for testing, how its expertise, technological leadership, innovation and attention to quality and service have made Eurofins the global leader in the fields it serves. Plus, as the gummy industry continues to boom, hear about the challenges of gummy testing and how Eurofins is meeting those challenges. You can also learn more about Eurofins at
12:42 04/28/2022
Episode 124 - Innovation in Gummy Manufacturing
To be an industry leader in everything gummy manufacturing, it’s takes innovation. Global Widget recently launched its innovation team, featuring members of our marketing and formulation team to study emerging product trends and incorporate the latest functional ingredients into our gummy formulations. Formulators Jessica Quinn and Sara Brown are joined by Marketing Manager Vikki Hayward and Content Manager Sean Murray to discuss Global Widget’s innovation in product development and manufacturing, some of the trending ingredients hot in the gummy industry right now and what ingredients you may be seeing more of in the near future.
12:57 04/21/2022
Episode 123 - Gummy Central®: Sugar-Free Gummy Formulations
As gummies become more and more popular with consumers for their health and wellness needs, this episode, as a part of our Gummy Central® series, examines the hot trend in the gummy industry of sugar-free gummies. Global Widget formulators Zach Burrell and Jessica Quinn discuss one of the hottest trends in gummies and how the formulation of gummies is different for sugar-free gummies. Burrell and Quinn discuss the substitutes that are used in place of sugar, how they are added to the formula and whether the taste, texture or the consistency is affected by sugar-free formulations. If your business is interested in adding a sugar-free vitamin gummy to its product line, learn more about customization options at:
11:25 04/14/2022
Episode 122 - Innovation in Convenience
iSee Store Innovations is a design and manufacturing company that develops innovative retail solutions for the convenience store and grocery industries. Melissa Vonder Haar is the Marketing Director and joins this episode to discuss her family’s history in the convenience store industry and how her father, Joe Vonder Haar, founded iSee Store Innovations and how the company has helped reshape the look and feel of convenience. Vonder Haar details how stores can stay innovative with products and cater to the ever-changing shopping habits and trends of consumers. Plus, she discusses how cannabis products are a natural fit for the convenience industry given their long history with age verification purchases of tobacco and alcohol sales. We wrap our episode discussing everything from baseball to Vonder Haar’s internship with Saturday Night Live and her award-winning chili creations. Learn more about iSee Store Innovations at
18:27 04/07/2022
Episode 121 - Banking in the Cannabis Industry
Safe Harbor Financial helped pioneer cannabis banking. In November 2012, Colorado voters passed amendment 64, legalizing the sale and use of recreational marijuana. As a result, entrepreneurial businesses focused on cannabis products grew just as fast as the unprecedented consumer demand for recreational marijuana. In response to this new and growing industry, Safe Harbor Financial CEO/President, Sundie Seefried, helped establish a safe, legitimate banking option for their cannabis clients. Today, Safe Harbor Financial manages over 600 cannabis banking accounts and has processed over $11 billion dollars. This episode goes into the challenges facing cannabis businesses seeking financing, how Safe Harbor Financial has met the challenges and how they stay ahead in an evolving industry by giving cannabis businesses the financial tools they need for success. Plus, hear about the philanthropic efforts by Safe Harbor Financial and Seefried to make communities around the world better. Learn more about Safe Harbor Financial at
15:21 04/01/2022
Episode 120 - Behind the Counter in the Convenience Store Industry
CSP is committed to being the industry leader in publishing and media innovation. Hannah Hammond, associate editor covering packaged beverages and tobacco, joins our podcast to discuss the latest news surrounding the convenience store industry. Hammond reviews the educational resources CSP offers retailers and convenience store chains through its webinars, events and trade shows to stay on top of regulations and trends. Plus, she discusses the challenges facing the industry as the regulatory environment regarding tobacco continues to change and how CBD and hemp products fit in with tobacco behind the counter in the convenience store space. Learn more about CSP and its educational opportunities at
12:09 03/25/2022
Episode 119 - Unleash Your True Potential with hyper brain iQ
This episode takes you behind the science of nootropics as we discuss hyper brain iQ. Science-supported and research-based, hyper brain iQ’s proprietary nootropic formulations are designed using special nutrients perceived to help elevate mood, reduce stress and maintain and improve mental performance – memory, learning, concentration, focus and recall. Quality Manager Nelson Manager joins us to discuss the functional ingredients you’ll find in these products and how each of these ingredients may benefit your overall health and wellness. He’s joined by Vice President of Sales Vince Gillen who provides feedback from our distribution partners and why increased consumer demand for cognitive-benefiting supplements is driving more distributors to add this brand to their inventory. For more information on hyper brain iQ, visit
13:24 03/18/2022
Episode 118 - Hemp Headlines with Hemp Industry Daily
We’re going behind the latest headlines in the Hemp industry with Hemp Industry Daily editor Kristen Nichols. We discuss the new head of the FDA, who has no record on cannabinoids, and a new study from the USDA looking at Hemp farming in the U.S. Plus, Nichols talks about her newest editorial on why MJ operators got it wrong on Delta-8 THC and what the 2023 Farm Bill could look like.
20:52 03/11/2022
Episode 117 - Gummy Central®: Vitamin Gummies to Elevate Your Brand
Thanks to our eight varieties of ready-made vitamin gummy formulas, any business can instantly expand their product line and reach new customers without spending time on product development, formulation and testing. In the latest addition of our Gummy Central® series, join Global Widget Business Development Manager Logan Westlake and Senior Formulation Specialist Sara Brown as they discuss how our ready-made gummy formulas are changing the supplement industry.
12:04 03/04/2022
Episode 116 - Hemp at a Higher Standard: Age Verification
On Episode 116, we launch our new series of podcast episodes regarding our newest initiative, Hemp at a Higher Standard. Global Widget Vice President of Sales, Vince Gillen, and industry advocate/attorney Rod Kight discuss how the age verification measures we educate our distribution and retail partners about help keep products out of the wrong hands. Learn about QR codes and additional labeling and packing standards we use across all our in-house hemp-derived cannabinoid brands. Gillen also discusses the additional educational resources we make available to our distributors, including position papers, brochures and other marketing materials. You’ll also hear about our latest product displays that allow for additional security to help keep our products from being sold to underage consumers. Kight talks the legalities of CBD, Delta-8 and Delta-9 products across the U.S. and what retailers and distributors should keep in mind when selling these products. Additionally, Kight discusses age-gating and what states like Tennessee have in the works regarding legislations which would require consumers to verify their age before purchasing these products. Subscribe to the CPG & CBD University Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify and more podcast platforms. You can watch full episodes of our podcast on our YouTube channel. For more information on Global Widget and its gummy manufacturing capabilities for your brand, visit
20:43 02/24/2022
Episode 115 - Investing to Meet Industry Capacity Demand
On Episode 115, two members of Global Widget’s Contract Manufacturing Division join us to discuss our latest investments to help bridge the gap in industry demand for gummies and total market capacity. With gummies as a main delivery method, Global Widget has made a number of investments in its facilities, processes and people over the past 18 months in response to the industry demand for great-tasting, quality gummies. Mac Norton and Clay Rahmberg, both Business Development Managers with Global Widget’s Contract Manufacturing Division, discuss the investments made at Global Widget’s four facilities, all located in Tampa, Florida, to meet total market capacity in manufacturing quality gummies demanded by retailers, distributors and private label partners. Hear about our increase in capacity at Plant 6 and Plant 7 with new manufacturing lines and the automation of production to increase efficiency and meet the demands of our customers. Plus, hear about our new distribution facility and recent certifications acquired. Get an inside look of our facilities by visiting the Global Widget YouTube channel. Subscribe to the CPG & CBD University Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify and more podcast platforms. You can watch full episodes of our podcast on our YouTube channel. For more information on Global Widget and its gummy manufacturing capabilities for your brand, visit
17:05 02/18/2022
Episode 114 – Gummy Central®: Cannabinoids and Gummies
On Episode 114, three members of Global Widget’s formulation team join us for the latest in our Gummy Central® series. CBD, CBN, CBG, Delta-8, Delta-9 and more…the cannabinoids used in gummy formulations across our in- house brands Hemp Bombs® and Mystic Labs™ and within our contract manufacturing division evolve as consumer trends change. Quality Manager Nelson Rodriguez is joined by Quality Control Chemist Eugene Choi and Research and Development Specialist Jean Irizarry to discuss how the use of different cannabinoids affects the formulation of gummies, its flavors, texture and more. You’ll hear about the differences in cooking methods with each cannabinoid and how multiple cannabinoids may be used in one variety of gummy. Also, hear about the testing and reporting our in-house team completes on gummies to ensure the potency and label claims. Finally, our team discusses what other cannabinoids can be making their way into gummies next and how they stay on top of the latest trends in the hemp and health and wellness industries. Subscribe to the CPG & CBD University Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify and more podcast platforms. You can watch full episodes of our podcast on our YouTube channel. For more information on Global Widget and its gummy manufacturing capabilities for your brand, visit
16:18 02/10/2022
Episode 113 - Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids in the U.S.
For the past eight years, Philip Snow has worked as an attorney in the cannabis industry representing businesses across the U.S. and Canada. We discuss Hemp-derived cannabinoids in the U.S., recent studies showing the medical benefits of CBD and what it could mean for federal regulation. Plus, the latest on recent and pending legislation.
27:04 02/03/2022
Episode 112 - Cannabis and Hemp in 2022
Michael Patterson, CEO, US Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development and a global Cannabis/Hemp speaker and published author, takes a look at the Cannabis and Hemp industry entering 2022. Patterson discusses recent studies looking at medical benefits of CBD, new regulations regarding cannabis and Hemp around the world and how the industry is expected to continue its explosive growth throughout the year.
17:28 01/28/2022
Episode 111 - Catching up With Cardinal Bay Distribution
We first introduced you to Cardinal Bay Distribution on Episode 40. Cardinal Bay Distribution is one of the original distribution partners of Global Widget, beginning with our first-ever product, Hemp Bombs® CBD Capsules. Over the past five years, they have expanded their partnership to include additional brands from Global Widget and now have added additional Hemp-derived cannabinoid products. Hear about how they stay on top of industry trends, the process for adding new products and the feedback they receive from retailers and consumers. For details, visit
19:18 01/21/2022
Episode 110 - First Quarter Trade Shows
Trade shows in the CBD and health and wellness industry are coming back. Vice President of Sales Vince Gillen and Director of Strategic Accounts Tracy Lane break down the trade shows on the calendar for the first quarter of 2022. Learn about Convenience Distributors Association (CDA) Marketplace, ASD Market Week and ECRM specialty shows coming up. Hear what retailers and distributors can expect to see from Global Widget, including our newest Hemp-derived cannabinoid products and in-house health and wellness brands.
12:34 01/14/2022
Episode 109 – Gummy Central®: Trending Functional Ingredients
In our latest Gummy Central® podcast episode series, Technical Services Manager Michael Diaz and Formulator Zach Burrell discuss the trending functional ingredients in gummies. With health and wellness top of mind as consumers make New Year’s resolutions, hear about what ingredients you may be seeing more and more of in gummy formulations throughout the year and what could be the next big trend in the gummy industry.
12:47 01/07/2022
Episode 108 - 2022 Hemp Headlines 2 Watch
After a busy 2021 in the Hemp industry, what are some of the headlines you should be on the watch for in 2022? Kristen Nichols, editor of Hemp Industry Daily, joins our podcast for some 2022 predictions in the Hemp industry. After taking a look back at the big headlines from the past year, we look ahead and discuss if this is the year the FDA finally acts on CBD, emerging state legislation regarding Hemp-derived products and additional stories that could be making headlines in 2022.
15:17 12/31/2021
Episode 107 - 2021: Awards, New Brands, New Products
We’re wrapping up 2021 with Business Development Manager, Mac Norton, Quality Manager, Nelson Rodriguez and Sr. Content Manager, Charlie O’Brien. Take a look back at our year of crafting and manufacturing award-winning CBD and health and wellness products and launching new brands. Hear about our Hemp Bombs products honored for great taste and quality and learn more about our newest brands from 2021 as we reflect on the past year and even offer some New Year’s resolutions for 2022.
16:25 12/24/2021
Episode 106 - Kight on Cannabis 2022 Predictions
Hemp industry advocate and attorney Rod Kight offers his 2022 predictions for the Hemp industry. After a busy 2021 saw the emergence of Delta-8 THC products along with changes to state legislation around the country, what could we see emerge in 2022? Kight offers his predictions for FDA regulation, other cannabinoid products and what the Hemp industry may look like outside of the U.S. For more news from Kight, visit his website at
12:37 12/16/2021
Episode 105 - Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids
Over the past year, hemp-derived cannabinoids have been a staple in headlines across the CBD industry. Hot topics such as Delta-8, Delta-9, CBN and CBG have joined CBD as common cannabinoids making their way into gummies, oils and other consumer products. Vice President of Sales, Vince Gillen, details the trends in the convenience industry when it comes to hemp-derived cannabinoids and what retailers should know about emerging trends heading into 2022.
13:10 12/10/2021
Episode 104 - Be Forever Well With Tony Little
America’s Personal Trainer®, Tony Little, joins Global Widget co-founder Kevin Collins to discuss the launch of Forever Well Nutrition. Forever Well™ products are designed for people who embrace the research behind a healthy lifestyle and want to take an active role in their longevity, beginning with their daily self-care routines. Hear about the selection of wellness gummies available at launch and how functional ingredients play a key role in the quality, taste and texture of the gummies. See the full product list at and on Amazon and follow Forever Well Nutrition on social media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
18:42 12/03/2021
Episode 103 - Gelling with Gelatin or Pectin
Gelatin and pectin are the two gelling agents used when cooking gummies. Global Widget Senior Formulation Specialist Sara Brown and Innovation Manager Ashley Huber discuss the differences in gummies when using either one. We discuss why manufacturers may choose one over the other. Plus, we discuss what functional ingredients work well with either and the use of plant-based pectin in vegan gummies.
12:25 11/26/2021
Episode 102 - Give the Gift of Greater Relaxation (promo code in podcast)
We’re decking the halls for our annual holiday gift guide episode! VP of Marketing, Gina Bongiovanni, discusses our holiday promotions and the perks you’ll get if you sign up for our email newsletters at Hemp Bombs, Nature’s Script and Mystic Labs. There’s a CBD and health and wellness product for everyone on your list, including our award-winning CBD gummies and additional award-winning products. Plus, hear about some of our newest products to try out to get over that holiday stress.
13:42 11/19/2021
Episode 101 - Headlines with Hemp Industry Daily
Kristen Nichols, editor of Hemp Industry Daily, returns to our podcast with a recap of MJBizCon. This year, MJBizCon celebrated its 10th anniversary, welcoming visitors back for an in-person event at the Las Vegas Convention Center, showcasing over 250,000 square feet of exhibits, forums and speakers. Also, Nichols catches you up on the latest headlines in the industry, including changes in Delta-8 THC legality, CBD changes in California and what we’re watching as we wrap up 2021.
17:49 11/12/2021
Episode 100 - From CBD to CPG: The Gold Standard for 100 Episodes
The CPG and CBD University Podcast, formerly known as the CBD University Podcast, turns 100! It’s our 100th episode and PR Manager/podcast host Joe Agostinelli takes you on a retrospective of the first 100 episodes. Hear how it all began in November 2019, on Episode 1 and how we got to where we are today. We’ll look back at our special guests, including Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Nikki Fried, and Florida’s Director of Cannabis, Holly Bell, and hear from our more frequent guests, including industry advocate and attorney Rod Kight and the members of our in-house formulation, sales and marketing, quality and compliance teams. 
14:01 11/05/2021
Episode 99 - 2021 Trade Show Roundup
Earlier this year, industry trade shows returned and our team at Global Widget was back on the road. VP of Sales Vince Gillen recaps a condensed trade show season with the latest news and trends from retailers and distributors. Gillen discusses the launch of new brands Mystic Labs, hyper brain iQ and Forever Well Nutrition and meeting with distributors and retailers at Tobacco Plus Expo, ASD Market Week, CDBX and NACS. Plus, Gillen has advice for retailers for the busy holiday shopping season ahead.
15:16 10/29/2021
Episode 98 - Gummy Central®: Cooking with Nootropics
Nootropics are making their way into more food and beverages as consumers look for ways to improve their focus. Global Widget Quality Manager Nelson Rodriguez joins Technical Services Manager Michael Diaz to discuss this emerging trend. You’ll hear about our newest in-house brand, hyper brain iQ, featuring gummies and capsules. Hear about the most popular nootropic ingredients, such as caffeine, ashwagandha, taurine, L-Theanine, ginseng extract and several vitamins. Finally, hear how nootropics are a hit in the gaming community.
11:38 10/22/2021
Episode 97 - Five Years of Hemp Bombs
Five years ago, our CBD brand Hemp Bombs® was born. It started with a two-pack of CBD Capsules. Through the years, it has grown to be the category captain in convenience and an award-winning brand to consumers online and in more than 25,000 retail locations. Hemp Bombs now offers CBD Gummies, Capsules, Oils, Topicals and more. Vice President of Sales Vince Gillen and Payroll Specialist Daisy Figueroa have been with the company since nearly the beginning. They share their memories from the early days, how the company has expanded into what it is today and what their favorite CBD products have been along the way.
17:04 10/15/2021
Episode 96 - Everything Regulatory in Hemp and CBD
Rod Kight, industry advocate and attorney, has the latest headlines from the regulatory scene in the hemp industry. Hear the latest on Delta-8 products and recent warning letters from the FDA and CDC. Plus, learn about more state regulations regarding CBD products, including the latest out of California. Finally, as we head into 2022, what does a lack of federal regulation mean for the thousands of companies in the industry?   Looking for the latest regulatory news? Visit Kight on Cannabis at
12:48 10/08/2021