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Catholic Church Abuse, Recycling Shaming, Being a Widow 44:11 04/15/2021
Owen Paterson MP on the suicide of his wife Rose, Evy Cohen, GeorgiaElliot-Smith and music from Manika Kaur 40:46 04/14/2021
Shirley Williams, New Mums & Jury Service, Flexible Working 43:29 04/13/2021
Amanda Owen & Clare Eglin on women feeling the cold, Clare Balding on Rachael Blackmore, Pippa Wicks & teacher Andria Zafirakou 42:26 04/12/2021
Weekend Woman's Hour: Body image; Caring for an abuser; Tracey Thorn on her friend Lindy Morrison 57:29 04/10/2021
Body image. Caring for an abuser. Bafta lookahead. Mrs Sri Lanka Beauty pageant controversy 43:32 04/09/2021
Tracey Thorn on her friend Lindy Morrison; Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds; Women in the Wedding and Beauty Industry. 44:00 04/08/2021
Jessica Fellowes on the roaring twenties and comparisons with life today as come out of lockdown. 43:50 04/07/2021
Family farming with Janice and Matt Baker; New maternal mental health hubs; Author Susan Spindler; Statues of famous women 42:51 04/06/2021
The Feminisation of Chocolate 57:44 04/05/2021
Sharon Stone. The impact of pornography on young people. Actor Vanessa Kirby 55:44 04/03/2021
Summer music festivals line-ups - how many female artists are included? 42:13 04/02/2021
Sharon Stone, Gillian Keegan MP, Fertility & Race 56:32 04/01/2021
Cindy Gallop & Dr Fiona Vera-Gray on the impact of porn on teenagers, writer Erin Kelly, Dr Jenny Mathers & Dr Peter English. 42:41 03/31/2021
Jessica Moxham on life with a child with disabilities, Lord Macdonald and Harriet Wistritch, Noof Al Maadeed and Rothna Begum 44:04 03/30/2021
Award-winning actor Vanessa Kirby; Sexual harassment, assault & abuse in schools 43:38 03/29/2021
Weekend Woman's Hour - Lockdown anniversary, Cryptocurrencies & Portraits of women 55:46 03/27/2021
Equal pay judgement. Birth partners attending scans. Bangladesh at 50. 42:54 03/26/2021
Covid 19 vaccines and children, East Asian Racism, Periods in lockdown, Young women and cryptocurrency 41:42 03/25/2021
Endometriosis, NI Abortion, Portraits 42:15 03/24/2021
Lockdown anniversary, Nicola Sturgeon, Misogyny as a hate crime 42:45 03/23/2021
Navigating the perimenopause; Increase in online accessing of child sexual images; Nawal El Saadawi's death at 89 42:23 03/22/2021
Weekend Woman's Hour: Women and confidence in the police; Syria; the future of the handbag 56:08 03/20/2021
Singer-songwriter and cellist Ayanna Witter-Johnson 42:37 03/19/2021
Men and Violence 42:42 03/18/2021
Women and confidence in the police, Maria Ressa, and the future of the handbag post pandemic 42:34 03/17/2021
Safe city design, Victoria Atkins, Do men and women garden differently? 42:34 03/16/2021
Emma Barnett covers the reaction to Sarah Everard’s vigil and the actions of the Metropolitan Police 42:51 03/15/2021
Weekend Woman's Hour - The Art of Repair, Nurses' Pay & the Power of Oprah Winfrey 55:48 03/13/2021
Review into alleged abuse in British Gymnastics 42:13 03/12/2021