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Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny, HPV kits, Aspire to adventure 57:33 10/22/2021
Singer Ella Eyre; Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah; Sofie Hagen; Neonatal deaths & stillbirth disparities; Covid & Xmas plans 56:45 10/21/2021
Baroness Ruth Davidson; The science of knitting; Spiking by injection 57:40 10/20/2021
Dame Eileen Atkins; Equal pay; Harassment in Parliament; Composer Charlotte Bray 56:29 10/19/2021
Women pig farmers and mental health. Modern slavery. The cave woman rebuilding her business after Covid. 57:46 10/18/2021
Cush Jumbo, Predatory marriage, Equality in 2021, Tall women and dating, Sexual assault, consent and 'grey areas' 44:38 10/16/2021
Tall women and dating, Vicky Featherstone on Maryland, Blackfishing, Equality in housework, Keisha the Sket 57:25 10/15/2021
Singer, Sophie Ellis-Bextor; Breast reconstruction delays; Urban hermits; Predatory marriage; 57:44 10/14/2021
Lucy Mangan, Girls & Education in Afghanistan, Sexual Assault, Consent & 'Grey Areas' 57:15 10/13/2021
Cush Jumbo on playing Hamlet; Reaction to our equality poll; Day of the Scientist 57:32 10/12/2021
As we mark our 75th anniversary, how do you feel about equality in 2021? Your chance to have your say 57:57 10/11/2021
Weekend Woman's Hour: 75th Birthday, Mina Smallman, Celibacy, Professor Anita Hill 54:53 10/09/2021
Musician & singer, Abi Sampa; Celibacy; Chinaza Onyechi; Femicide 57:23 10/08/2021
Woman's Hour turns 75 today 57:39 10/07/2021
Mina Smallman, Pauline Campbell, FASD 57:47 10/06/2021
Anita Hill on her book Believing: Our Thirty-Year Journey to End Gender Violence. 57:45 10/05/2021
Institutional Misogyny, Bullying in Parliament, Women Magicians 57:40 10/04/2021
Sarah Everard; Intergenerational friendships, 007 Lashana Lynch; 'Late life lesbians'. Married to an anti-vaxxer 57:22 10/02/2021
Intergenerational friendships; Victims' Commissioner Vera Baird; Nikita Gill and Gnarly; Liz Fraser 57:58 10/01/2021
Sarah Everard; Zoë Billingham, Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary; Pepsi & Shirlie; The ethics and laws around surrogacy 58:03 09/30/2021
'Typical Girls' - a new play by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, set in a women's prison; Coming out at 44; Student counselling. 57:43 09/29/2021
Former CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi; The R Kelly verdict; Barrister Robin Moira White; FIFA 2022 game soundtrack 57:51 09/28/2021
Lashana Lynch, Labour Conference & women, Being married to an anti-vaxxer, Universal credit uplift 58:00 09/27/2021
Weekend Woman's Hour: Daytimers - South Asian ravers of the 80s, Julia Bradbury and Gaming & Sexism 53:37 09/25/2021
Daytimers - South Asian ravers from the '80s, Sabina Nessa, School absence & mental health, Folic acid & Afghan refugees 57:03 09/24/2021
Sabina Nessa, Fertility Warnings, Flexible Working 57:17 09/23/2021
Channel swimmer Chloë McCardel; Prison Ombudsman Sue McAllister; author Laura Dockrill; Afghan girls' education 56:37 09/22/2021
Music from Martha Wainwright, Australian campaigner Grace Tame. Dame Kate Bingham former chair of the Vaccine Task Force. 54:31 09/21/2021
Julia Bradbury and breast cancer, Profile of Chancellor Angela Merkel, Charlie Webster on sexual abuse and safeguarding laws 56:55 09/20/2021
Dame Elizabeth Anionwu; Jennifer Saunders; Former Afghan women's minister; Pretty privilege; Choosing to be child free 56:46 09/18/2021