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The Deep Dive with Adam Roa

THE DEEP DIVE is not your normal podcast because, well, there are no rules. The aim of the show is to give an authentic look into the minds of the thought leaders and game changers of today by allowing the audience to be a “fly on the wall” for an hour-long conversation. It is my hope that this level of authenticity will allow people to see that being successful isn’t about WHAT you think, but HOW you think.


Dr. Cat Meyer - How Long Should You Wait Before Sleeping With Someone? 67:45 11/24/2021
Jason Goldberg - Can You Do Too Much Inner Work? 62:30 11/17/2021
How Do You Actually Integrate? 17:03 11/03/2021
How To Find Inspiration 18:43 10/27/2021
Stefanos Sifandos - Are Men Sick Of Dating Spiritual Women? 69:48 10/20/2021
Matt Cama - Are Women Capable Of Having Casual Sex? 37:44 10/13/2021
The Fear I Found From Being Sick 19:22 10/06/2021
Sheleana Aiyana - Are Women Tired Of Holding Space For Men? 59:44 09/29/2021
Ask Adam Anything 32:16 09/22/2021
Robert Grant - Who Built The Pyramids, And Why? 97:29 09/15/2021
A Quickie - The Key To Better Sex 14:11 09/08/2021
Oto Gomes - Why Should Anyone Care About Cryptocurrency? 74:42 09/01/2021
How You're Being Controlled, And What To Do About It 14:58 08/25/2021
Connor Beaton - Are Conscious Men Too Soft? 68:21 08/18/2021
The Secret To Self Love 18:43 08/11/2021
Laura Dawn - Are Psychedelics The Only Hope To Save Humanity ? 69:17 08/04/2021
Why Does Creativity Require So Much Space? 21:20 07/28/2021
The Biggest Lesson I Learned From Being Single 18:55 07/14/2021
Chelsey Jo Huntsman - Do We Ever Really Get Over Our Exes? 62:24 07/07/2021
Why I've Devoted My Life To Creativity 18:26 06/30/2021
Lessons From A Week Of Plant Medicine Experience At Arkana Spiritual Center 33:53 06/23/2021
Virginia Salas Kastilio - Is It A Loving Choice To Keep People Out Of Your Community? 59:23 06/16/2021
Life Update: Lessons From My Three Year Nomadic Journey 22:04 06/09/2021
My Thoughts On The Vaccine 16:02 06/02/2021
Makenzie Marzluff - Should Women Be Held Accountable For Sexualizing Themselves? 87:18 05/26/2021
Aubert Bastiat - Are Men To Blame For All Of The Worlds Problems? 69:40 05/19/2021
Kevin Walton - Is There Such Thing As Absolute Truth? 85:24 05/12/2021
Gerard Adams - What’s More Important For Happiness: Money or Creativity? 60:49 05/05/2021
How To Get Over A Breakup Faster 15:20 04/28/2021
Kute Blackson - Can You Surrender Fully And Still Manifest Your Desires? 67:18 04/21/2021