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The Growth Zone Podcast covers in 2021 topics from Innovation, Business, Startups, Marketing and interviews with industry leaders. Our Mission is to reach 20+ million people to grow their business and support local communities by creating sustainable jobs. | In Marketing we cover the core areas of sales funnels, branding, positioning, lead generation and online advertising. | When talking about startups we will look into innovation, funding, investment, technology as well as artificial intelligence. | An entrepreneur can not be successful if the mindset is dislocated. Confidence is so important for a good starting out into networking and gaining clients. | When you gain access to the knowledge and guidance of an experienced entrepreneur you can grow using coaching and mentoring. Hence, leadership, strategy and finding a solution to a conflict is so vital. | Visit our podcast page at


How tech startups rapidly grow their B2B sales? 38:55 10/14/2021
Where is the value in mentoring for bootstrapped startups 46:23 10/13/2021
How B2B Saas companies double their revenue in 90 days when nobody knows them 37:31 10/05/2021
How organisations survive in industries that experience disruption. 49:03 09/27/2021
How do businesses build a solid Brand Development in a disrupted industry? 28:02 09/21/2021
What is the difference between growth and scaling? 59:49 08/24/2021
How to build innovation ecosystems or clusters that lead to a sustainable growth 32:39 08/18/2021
How to automate your tasks of your business which lead to business growth 34:10 08/14/2021
How to scale a startup that will make corporates want to be part of the founder's journey. 35:56 08/11/2021
How to use market research in b2b to be laser focused on solving the relevant problems of their niche market. 39:32 08/09/2021
How startups can benefit from closing the VC Diversity Gap 36:58 08/05/2021
How to design as product roadmap that leads to a successful product launch? 33:35 07/27/2021
Identify how your business can grow by understanding the strategies of amazon's social ecommerce. 31:00 07/24/2021
How a message that resonates with a B2B audience strengthens your revenue growth? 28:18 07/23/2021
How can you communicate your brand story so that you seperate yourself from the pack 48:57 07/21/2021
How to use digital marketing in times where you standout via personal branding. 33:08 07/19/2021
How you can use conversion optimization to scale consumer brands in a time where retail is changing its flow 28:55 07/16/2021
How important is to be mindful when you think about wealth and the unexpected events in life? 64:17 07/11/2021
How can small businesses gain more visibility in search engines in order to catch up with the market. 31:50 07/07/2021
How corporate sustainability impacts the way products and services are delivered to the market place. 40:50 07/05/2021
How founders can tap into their collective intelligence and help execute the company’s vision 44:20 07/04/2021
How can startups get their productivity to generate more revenue 29:58 06/29/2021
How to take your idea to building membership systems 37:16 06/26/2021
How identity built branding attracts clients who really care about the true intrinsic reasons of your business 43:09 06/23/2021
How business loan brokers can help startups get the needed seed funding 28:01 06/13/2021
How can measurement marketing help SaaS companies grow their subscriber base? 33:20 04/27/2021
How to scale your B2B niche products when addressing medium to large companies? 48:49 04/16/2021
How to get your first profitable clients for your brand new SaaS product 43:47 04/10/2021
Understand how your startup can build and grow their brand by applying intent based marketing 55:55 03/30/2021
How can a startup attract talented engineers and get HR to help scaling the tech startups 28:32 03/23/2021