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Personal freedom, political liberty, and free speech - defended by force of arms, if necessary. Welcome to "The Resistance Library" from, where we believe that arming our fellow Americans – both physically and philosophically – helps them fulfill our Founding Fathers' intent with the Second Amendment: To serve as a check on state power.


Second Amendment Sanctuaries: How States Nullify Federal Gun Control 31:55 11/23/2021
Jash Dholani: Independent Scholar and Philosopher 60:45 11/22/2021
Federal Gun Control in America: Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 40:20 11/18/2021
Buck Johnson: Host of the Counterflow Podcast on the Renegade Media Network 38:04 11/16/2021
Veterans Day: The Forgotten History of America's Veterans Day and What It Commemorates 28:35 11/09/2021
American Gun Ownership: The Positive Impacts of Law-Abiding Citizens Owning Firearms 35:18 11/03/2021
Mark Ivanyo: Executive Director of Republicans for National Renewal 26:14 11/02/2021
Nationalism vs. Patriotism: What's the Difference and Why it Matters 71:03 10/26/2021
Anthony Sabatini: Florida State Legislator from the 32nd District 29:56 10/23/2021
Jason Hartman: Real Estate Investing Expert, Practical Economist, and Host of The Creating Wealth Podcast 36:56 10/19/2021
Charlton Heston: The Forgotten History of America's Favorite Actor and Gun Rights Advocate 34:56 10/13/2021
Mythinformed MKE: A Discussion on Critical Race Theory 62:42 10/05/2021
Gonzales Flag: Meaning and History Behind "Come and Take It" 36:32 09/28/2021
Constitution Day: The Forgotten History of the Celebration of America's Founding Document 50:27 09/21/2021
The Star-Spangled Banner: The Forgotten History of Francis Scott Key's National Anthem 41:44 09/15/2021
The 9/11 Attacks: Understanding Al-Qaeda and the Domestic Fall-Out from America's Secret War 76:18 09/10/2021
Brian Nichols: The Brian Nichols Show Host and Associate Editor at The Libertarian Republic 39:04 09/07/2021
The Pittman-Robertson Act: The Forgotten History of the Celebrated Tax on Firearms and Ammo 28:38 08/31/2021
Freedom vs. Liberty: How Subtle Differences Between These Two Big Ideas Changed Our World 29:48 08/24/2021
Davy Crockett: The Forgotten History of the King of the Wild Frontier & the Battle of the Alamo 29:02 08/17/2021
Venezuela and the Paradox of Plenty: A Cautionary Tale About Oil, Envy, and Demagogues 29:30 08/10/2021
The Bennington Flag: A Pre-Constitutional Symbol of Freedom 28:34 08/02/2021
Godfather of Color Revolutions: Is George Soros the Most Dangerous Man Alive? 51:27 07/27/2021
Julia Song: Author, Commentator, and Activist [explicit] 30:26 07/22/2021
Prescription For Violence: The Corresponding Rise of Antidepressants, SSRIs & Mass Shootings 50:17 07/20/2021
Gavin Wax: New York-Based Conservative Political Commentator and Columnist 35:57 07/15/2021
Land Reform and Farm Murders in South Africa: The Untold Story of the Boers and the ANC 65:47 07/13/2021
Right to Know: A Historical Guide to the Freedom of Information Act 54:29 07/07/2021
Gun Background Checks: How the State Came To Decide Who Can and Cannot Buy a Firearm 62:44 06/29/2021
District of Columbia v. Heller (2008): Understanding the Court's Landmark Decisions 63:10 06/22/2021