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All the Way – Why is Phil X late?
Phil X is over an hour late to the studio, and Big John demands to know the reason for his tardiness.  
12:07 3/9/21
All the Way – Old School Street Games of NYC
Big John and Phil X think that kids today are too soft, and go over some of the New York City street games they played [...]
55:42 2/17/21
All the Way – Trump Taxonomy
Big John and Phil X do a Sunset Review of President Trump’s 71 million supporters, in an effort to better understand them.
32:57 2/5/21
All the Way – Words Hurt
Big John reveals his plan to eliminate all of the problems facing society to Phil X: ban hurtful words!  
27:51 10/19/20
All the Way – How did Trump got the ‘Rona?
In this episode, Big John and Phil X review the top theories as to how President Donald Trump could have possibly been infected with the [...]
29:16 10/13/20
All the Way – Stellaaaaaa!
In this episode, Big John and Phil X discuss some of the medical theories of Donald Trump’s favorite physician, Dr. Stella Immanuel.
15:21 8/4/20
All the Way – The Washington Football Team
Big John has the inside info on the names being considered by Daniel Snyder for the 2021 Washington Football Team.  
19:59 7/28/20
All the Way – Back in the Saddle!
Big John and Phil X have finally made it back to the studio! In this episode, they reveal the reasons they are thrilled to be back...
21:39 7/19/20
The Big Questions – Erik Nagel
In this episode, Big John sits down with radio personality Erik Nagel ("Opie & Anthony", "It's Erik Nagel", "Would You Kindly") to discuss his start in radio, war stories from his time on O&A, the current climate in the industry, "cancel culture", and more!
91:38 6/15/20
All the Way – Lesser-Known World Records
Big John did his research and found some Guinness Book of World Records you might not have known existed…
16:03 6/9/20
The Big Questions – Marc Hirschfeld
Big John sits down for a talk with one of the biggest names in comedy that you’ve probably never heard of… Marc Hirschfeld. Marc has been the casting director for all the great TV sitcoms since the 70s like #KIllingEve, #MarriedWithChildren, #Seinfeld, #NewsRadio, #TheJeffersons, and more!
54:32 6/6/20
The Big Questions – Dr. Steve
Join Big John as he sits for a virtual chat with his pal Dr. Steve, the host of the popular “Weird Medicine” show. Big John and Dr. Steve discuss his start in radio, the COVID-19 pandemic, their favorite scientists, inventions, and whether Dr. Steve is a member of Team Opie, Team Anthony, or Team Jimmy.
57:06 5/28/20
All the Way – Things REAL Men NEVER Do!
Big John lectures Phil X on the things real men should never, ever do… and something all fathers should watch for the sake of their [...]
23:46 5/26/20
All the Way – Quarantine T.V. Sucks
Big John and Phil X are still quarantined at home where they’ve been consuming copious amounts of television, only to come to the conclusion that [...]
49:38 5/18/20
All the Way – We’re (sorta) back!
This week, Big John and the masked producer, Phil X, bring you a show live from ‘Rona Ground Zero in NYC. The guys talk about [...]
54:29 5/10/20
All the Way – Tales from the Pole
Since people are locked up in their homes due to COVID-19, Big John and DV reminisce about some of their more memorable strip club experiences.
54:29 3/24/20
All the Way – Alex Jones can end the COVID-19 pandemic!
Big John and DV discuss the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ways to protect yourself, and the saintly work being done by Alex Jones. Don’t miss it!
35:14 3/17/20
All the Way – It’s a MAGA Revolution!
With Big John out sick this week, our guest host stages a #MAGA takeover! If this doesn’t get you on the #TrumpTrain, nothing will!
20:07 3/9/20
All the Way – Becoming Eco-Friendly
Big John and DV learn about some lifestyle changes that will make them more eco-friendly.
31:34 3/2/20
All the Way – Getting (Rainbow) Woke
In an effort to improve himself , Big John tries to understand and relate to all the different groups which align under the Rainbow Flag.
37:32 2/22/20

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