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What Are We Even Doing Here?

As my wife and i sit in church we sometimes wonder “What Are We Even Doing Here?” Not because we don’t believe, but because we do. It is crazy that years ago we didn’t believe in Jesus. We were a young and struggling married couple with a young daughter. But thanks to God’s soveriegnty and His use of a believer, I came to believe in Jesus. About two years later God changed Karen’s heart and she was brought to belief. Now we look back in amazement and see where we are today, knowing we don’t deserve to be here, and ask, “What Are We Even Doing Here?” I’m sure you all have asked this question for one reason or another. This question is asked both in our personal lives and life in general. “Why are we here? What is our purpose? What is this world?”During this podcast we hope to explore these questions and more. We will share our story as husband, wife, and parents as God continues to work in our lives. We will seek to answer what we are even doing here from a biblical perspective. Come along on our adventure and find out “What Are We Even Doing Here?”


Authority Always Wins (Mark 1:21-28)
Continuing to march through the Gospel according to Mark at River of Life OPC in Phillipsburg NJ. In this passage we see the authority Jesus has in teaching and over the unclean spirits. Christian Podcast Community
42:34 5/13/24
It’s Ok (John 11:1-44)
I again was honored to be at River of Life OPC in Phillipsburg, NJ and exhorted from John 11:1-44. Their Pastor of 30 years went to be with the Lord last week and I was moved to bring God's word of comfort from John 11 reminding them that Jesus loves them, and He is the resurrection and life. And it is also ok to mourn and grieve the loss of Pastor Bill Slack and still know he is in paradise with Jesus. Christian Podcast Community
45:19 4/29/24
Let’s Go Fishin! Mark 1:16-20
This is the 6th exhortation on the Gospel of Mark. I have been given the honor and privilege to be in the pulpit at River Of Life OPC in Phillipsburg NJ. I pray this blesses you. Christian Podcast Community
31:22 4/15/24
Empty Tomb. Full Throne. Mark 1:14-15
Had the honor once again to exhort at River Of Life OPC in Phillipsburg, NJ from Mark 1:14-15 on Resurrection Sunday. Here we read of Jesus begin His ministry calling people to repent and believe the Gospel because the Kingdom of God was near. Christian Podcast Community River Of Life
41:34 4/1/24
The Triumphant Adam (Mark 1:12-13)
Continuing to march through the Gospel of Mark at River of Life OPC in Phillipsburg NJ. Here is an exhortation on Mark 1:12-13. See how the second Adam succeeds where the first Adam failed. Christian Podcast Community
33:26 3/25/24
Mark 1:9-11 The Baptism of Jesus
Here is the next exhortation in the series through the Gospel according to Mark at River of Life OPC in Phillipsburg NJ. It is the baptism of Jesus. Christian Podcast Community
37:03 3/11/24
The Messenger (Mark 1:1-8)
Once again, I had the honor to exhort in the pulpit at River Of Life OPC in Phillipsburg NJ. In this passage we meet John the Baptist, or Baptizer. We see that he was foretold of in the Old Testament and his ministry was to prepare the way for Jesus. He preached repentance and administered a baptism of repentance. *I add a clarification before the exhortation to clear up something I say about Christians being baptized. I hope you listen to that and know my intention on what I do say in the exhortation. I will be clearing it up with the congregation upon my next time there. I pray this will be an encouragement and blessing.
43:57 2/26/24
The Beginning (Mark 1:1)
This exhortation is the first of several that will follow in the Gospel According to Mark. I will be going through this Gospel account at River Of Life OPC in Phillipsburg NJ. Join us as we seek to see Jesus in the Scriptures. Christian Podcast Community    
38:13 2/13/24
You’re In Good Hands (Exhortation on Proverbs 3:5-8)
Once again had the privilege to exhort at River of Life in Phillipsburg NJ. You can trust God with all of your heart because you're in His hands. Christian Podcast Community  
35:54 1/1/24
The Reason (Christmas Exhortation on Genesis 3)
I had the honor to exhort God's word from Genesis 3 at River of Life OPC in Phillipsburg NJ. I hope this message blesses you as we hear about not only the reason for the season being Jesus, but the reason for Jesus.  
41:12 12/25/23
The Holy And The Not (Isaiah 6:1-8)
Had the honor and blessing to exhort the word of God at Faith OPC in Elmer, NJ. I hope this blesses you. If you would like, please prayerfully consider helping me cover tuition costs for the fall semester. Click the link below. Christian Podcast Community Faith OPC
32:52 8/7/23
Stop, Rejoice, and Relax. (Phil 4:4-7)
Had the great honor once again to exhort the word at River Of Life OPC in Phillipsburg NJ. I hope this blesses you. River of Life Christian Podcast Community If you would like to help me in my seminary training
38:38 7/31/23
You Fool (Exhortation of Psalm 14)
I had the honor to exhort at my church in the Lord's Day evening service. I pray this blesses you. If you would like to help my seminary education, please click the link below. I hope to start doing more podcast episodes again. Please keep me in prayer. Thank you! Grace OPC Hamilton NJ Help my seminary education.  
33:14 7/12/23
He Came Down From Heaven (John 3:22-36)
Here is the third part of a short series through John 3 I exhorted at River Of Life OPC in Phillipsburg, NJ. River Of Life Christian Podcast Community Twitter @DarylUpdike @WhatAreWeEvenD1
33:33 2/20/23
Of Love and Judgement (John 3:16-21)
Part 2 of a series through John 3 at River of Life OPC. River of Life OPC Christian Podcast Community Twitter @DarylUpdike @WhatAreWeEvenD1 Help support my seminary training.
33:32 2/13/23
Blowin’ In The Wind (John 3:1-15)
I have the honor to be in the pulpit at River Of Life OPC in Phillipsburg NJ for the next three Lord's days. I am doing a short series through John 3. Here is the first exhortation on John 3:1-15. May this bless you! River Of Life OPC Christian Podcast Community Twitter @DarylUpdike @WhatAreWeEvenD1 If you would like to support my seminary training.
34:54 2/6/23
Not Long (Sermon from Psalm 13)
Had the honor and privilege to exhort at Immanuel OPC in West Collingswood, NJ. Christian Podcast Community Help support my seminary training.
33:21 1/30/23
The Honor Is For You Who Believe by Mark Popovitch
Here is a sermon preached buy my good brother Mark Popovitch. It is from 1 Peter 2:4-10. May this bless you! Christian Podcast Community Twitter @DarylUpdike @whaareweevenD1 @mark_popovitch Help support my seminary training      
28:26 1/18/23
Covenantal Apologetics with Dr Nate Shannon
Last semester at Westminster Philly Online I had the pleasure of having Dr Nate Shannon for AP-101. He is a brilliant man (not just saying that for a grade since he already graded me). You will be blessed by his knowledge about Christian Apologetics and his encouragement to Christians to love God and love our neighbor. There is also an upcoming Apologetics conference on the campus or Westminster and I will have the links below. Apologetics Conference Dr Shannon's writings Westminster Seminary Philadelphia Help support my theological training. Twitter @DarylUpdike @WhaAreWeEvenD1 Christian Podcast Community  
57:29 1/5/23
Well Worth The Look (Sermon John 1:29)
I had the honor to exhort John 1:29 at Grace OPC in Pennsville, NJ. I pray this blesses you. Grace OPC Christian Podcast Community If you would like to contribute to my seminary training.
40:49 1/2/23
Thanks and Prayer Request
Thank you all! Help Support Seminary Training
06:27 11/24/22
Conversations With Two Unbelievers
Conversations With Two Unbelievers: A Brief Summary Peter writes about giving a defense of our faith in 1 Peter 3:15. “but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect.” For this project I had an opportunity to discuss what I believe and why I believe it with two different unbelievers. The goal was to stand on the truth of God’s word while honoring Christ as holy as Peter writes. However, my main goal was not only to defend what I believe and expose the unbeliever’s world view as untenable, but also to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The two unbeliever I spoke with had different world view from that of myself as well as from each other. One is a very skeptical person who claims to reject the Bible because it was written by men. He also claims to believe “science.” The other is more of an agnostic who claims things are too big for us to know, yet he believes there is someone who made the world and has a sense of spirituality. Justin My first discussion was with Justin. I do not know him very well and we only had a few discussions previously on Facebook. My family knows his wife from a church we used to attend together. In the conversation you will hear Justin make claims about science being true and how the bible is not because he believes it is just a book of the thoughts of man. Justin also explains that he hopes there is something after we die but he claims we do not know. One other important thing to know about Justin is that he is a vegan. He is enthusiastic about how mankind treats and mistreat animals. He is sort of a vegan apologist as he was trying to persuade me in the way of veganism. As you listen to this conversation you will notice, at least in his presentation, that Justin really has not fully thought out what he believes. I tried my best to stay on target with him but there were a few times we went down rabbit holes. What I wanted to show him was the inconstancies in his world while pointing out to him that he knows God because he is made in His image. For example, Justin believes people should be good. I asked him by what standard should we be good? Not much was given from him in the way of an answer. Shail               The second conversation was with Shail. I met Shail back in 2004 when I was his high school music teacher. We reconnected later in life bonding over New York Mets baseball. Shail was raised in what seems to be a nominal Hindu family. He does not really follow Hindu teaching but does celebrate some Hindu holidays. When he told me this it reminded me of those who claim to be Christian but only attend church on Christmas and Easter. As you listen to this conversation you will hear a very different world view from that of Justin. Shail believes there has to be something outside of mankind that created the world. He has a belief about the after life concerning the “energy” of people returning into the universe. Overall, Shail says some good things, but his foundation is shaky. He is not standing on the Rock of Christ.     Conclusion In both conversations there were things I wanted to address but I had limited time. In the short time I desired to listen more and expose their inconsistencies when I could while getting to the Gospel as much as possible. I know there were points that I missed and times I may have gone off on tangents away from the covenantal approach, but I wanted to keep the conversation flowing. Most importantly, I wanted to point both these men to Christ, the true reason I believe what I believe. A point that came up in both conversations was morality. If both men believe there are things humans should and should not do to other human beings it exposes that they are made in the image of God. Being made in God’s image they are in covenant with Him. As Dr Oliphint puts it in his book Covenantal Apologetics,
71:45 11/19/22
Romans 1:13-17 Shameless Power
Once again had to opportunity to worship with the saints at Faith Bible OPC in Brick NJ. I was honored to exhort this sermon in the evening service. May it bless and encourage you. Faith Bible OPC Help me train for the ministry Twitter @DarylUpdike @Whatare weevenD1
31:28 10/10/22
God is Good! Why is There Evil?
In this episode I read from a short paper I wrote for my Doctrine of God class last semester. In the beginning of the course, I had to come up with a question about God that we would hear from a member of a congregation. I picked this question that you will hear because it is so often asked. Christian Podcast Community Twitter @DarylUpdike @WhatAreWeEvenD1 Partner with me and help support my seminary costs.
14:44 9/29/22
Are You Ashamed?
Are you ashamed of the gospel? Do you share this good news with friends, family, neighbors, and strangers? What stops you? What stops me? Fear of man? Love of self? We need not be ashamed. We have the words of eternal life. Let us not be ashamed to share the finished work of Jesus Christ for sinners. Christian Podcast Community Twitter @DarylUpdike @WhatAreWeEvenD1 Would you like to help with my seminary training?  
15:38 9/2/22
Why Say “Christians, Sleep Well” And Not Other Faiths?
Recently someone asked why I make videos saying, "Christians, sleep well tonight," and I don't tell people of other faiths to sleep well. On this episode I answer the question. Christian Podcast Community The Episode with some responsible teens. Twitter @DarylUpdike @WhatAreWeEvenD1 If you would like to help me with seminary
20:52 8/25/22
Exodus 6:1-13 Sermon 2.0
Here is a sermon on Exodus 6:1-13 that I exhorted at Faith OPC in Elmer,NJ. I know I posted a sermon on this text a few weeks ago but this one has some changes. I was encouraged to make some changes by my preaching professor after I preached this for class. If you listened to the original, see if you can find the changes. Faith OPC Elmer, NJ Christian Podcast Community Twitter @whatareweevenD1 @DarylUpdike
34:30 8/18/22
Cleansed From All Unrighteousness
This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. If we say we have fellowship with him while we walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth. But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanse us from all sin. If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us. 1 John 1:5-10 Christian Podcast Community Twitter @DarylUpdike @WhatAreWeEvenD1 If you would like to help support my seminary training
13:59 8/5/22
Believe The Promise of Yahweh
I recently had the honor of exhorting Exodus 6:1-13 at River of Life OPC in Philippisburg, NJ. I hope this will bless you and you will look to the LORD and His name and promise can be trusted. River of Life OPC Christian Podcast Community Twitter @DarylUpdike @WhatAreWeEvenD1 If you would like to support my seminary training at Westminster
39:47 7/28/22
Special Guest Sermon by Mark Popovitch
Here is a special episode sharing a sermon on 1 Kings 16:29-17:1. This is a much needed message in our current times. I pray it blesses you as it did me. Let Mark know how it blessed you on his twitter. Christian Podcast Community Twitter: @DarylUpdike @WhatAreWeEvenD1 @mark_popovitch If you would like to support my seminary training at Westminster
33:43 7/21/22