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The Transform U! Live Show is a daily podcast dedicated to helping you make a real transformation. Every day, Marcus Hart will invite an expert and ask thought-provoking, culture trending and spiritual piercing questions of the day in a way that sounds like you're sitting around talking with your best friends in the backyard on a summer night. The stories are inspiring, straightforward and free of the boring stuff so the interviews stay motivational and easy to follow. If you can never get enough learning and being inspired... Congratulations, you're a Transformer!


The BreezyScroll Story Being 'the Netflix of the Newsfeed Era' with Unique Technology and Global Coverage 18:02 05/11/2022
My Story | The Female Offender interview with Shannon Jordan 25:37 05/06/2022
Women's Stories of Surviving Prison with Hope and Courage 29:48 04/21/2022
New Online Dating Site for the Furry Fandom 19:55 04/07/2022
Courage to Write about Abuse with Best Selling Author Jennifer Ann Corgan 14:46 03/25/2022
Biden's Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson's Link to eToys Fraud Case 45:32 03/07/2022
Future Use of AI to Automate finding Internships for Students with Workscan 25:30 02/22/2022
Why Quebec is in trouble with Bill 96 and You Should Help 32:30 02/11/2022
Please Leave Joe Rogan Alone 16:26 02/04/2022
How to Build Tenacity for Faster Success 27:33 01/23/2022
Do you really value your freedom? 41:35 01/08/2022
The Soccer Coach's Toolkit with Author and Coach Rob Ellis 43:20 12/31/2021
What to Do When You Wanna Check Out of Life 29:16 12/09/2021
Living Through Alchemy with Vi Vi Thai 46:24 12/06/2021
Learn Mutual Fund Investing as a Beginner 34:38 12/03/2021
Kyle Rittenhouse and Understanding What We Can Control 28:10 11/25/2021
How to Become a Healer in Your Community 52:41 11/20/2021
Study Healing and Holistic Health to Work from Home | Arukah 44:44 11/20/2021
Dr. Kendall Williams explains Visions Values and Corporate Hypocrisy 32:05 11/06/2021
Examining Leadership Practices in Sports with Renata Porter (2021) 35:38 09/25/2021
The Pro Wrestling Mini Museum open 24 hours for a Trip Back in Time 23:24 09/22/2021
Last Place Sha'Carri Richardson and the Zero Fucks Method (2021) 54:53 08/23/2021
Two-Time Olympian Shawnee Harle on How to Really Win in Your Life (2021) 50:39 08/18/2021
Reasons to Avoid Selfish People and Do Something Free for Someone In Need (2021) 36:40 08/17/2021
Find Peace and Confidence with Your Body and Food (2021) Interview with Sabrina Magnan 43:56 08/02/2021
How Acceptance Can Be Powerful in Your Healing (2021) 14:46 07/27/2021
A New Way to Give to Your Favorite Charity [Every1 Wins] 28:09 07/22/2021
The List TV Show featured Medium Lauren Robbins [Interview] Her Gifts to Heal and Help Others 39:01 06/29/2021
What Can We Learn from Friendships to Transform Our Lives in (2021) 14:06 06/14/2021
NEW Normal in Personal Injury and Workers Comp (2021) [Interview with Attorney Chris Booberg] 35:26 05/26/2021