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Spiritual Calisthenics For People Who Are Willing To Think! Not your typical religious podcast, but with something for everyone whose mind is open enough to function.


March 14, 2020 – Setting Up
When I was first getting serious about the Craft, I felt bewildered by how expensive certain tools can be. And so I asked the people who were teaching me what I should do. They pointed out what gives tools their power, and showed me the real priorities. While some chalices can sell for as much as a small car, my first chalice came for less than a dollar. One of my other teachers told me of someone in her family who remembered when fear of discovery was genuine, and she needed to hide her tools in plain sight. Magickal tools can be wonderful, and they can be invaluable in directing and focusing your energies. But never lose sight of what your main (and most powerful) magickal tool is. And so, if you choose to have and use magickal tools, some basic principles will make those tools powerful! Blessed Be!  
20:26 03/13/2020
March 7, 2020 – High-Powered Divination!
How do you deal with the results of divination? Whether it is something you've done or something that somebody did for you, how will you use the results? While most of us know better than to risk the family fortune on the advice of the horoscope printed in today's newspaper, Many people do make use of divination. The question is: How do you know that something is worth your time and energy? There are certain tests available to you which can “separate the wheat from the chaff”. Much of this follows basic logic and common sense, but you do need to know where and how the logic is supposed to work. And then, if you are able to use some form of divination, a “second opinion”, compensating for differences in method, can be valuable. Blessed Be!  
22:09 03/06/2020
February 29, 2020 – Brightening Up The Dark Side
While many will think of “Star Wars” if I mention 'the dark side”, some of us will think in terms of dabblers, wanna-be's and others who get in over their heads when messing with the spiritual. For that reason, much of initial training and a respectable portion of even advanced learning is devotes to knowing where and what the safe boundaries are. They are for your safety. Most people who have been in The Craft for any length of time can tell at least one story of what happens when someone crosses one of those lines. This does not mean that you have to meekly accept a bad situation. Quite the contrary, most of us would feel an obligation when faced with certain issues. Two things are necessary here: knowledge of the boundaries, and a decent supply of creativity. You can do what you need to do without getting yourself into trouble. Blessed Be!  
25:07 02/28/2020
February 22, 2020 – Stepping Back To Basics
So often, I hear people complain that there are so many primer-level books in The Craft, but so few advanced-level books. There are answers to that. I can think of several people I consider to be highly advanced and people I would see for instruction and advice. Ask any of them what they are up to, and they will talk about what they are learning. And when they begin to learn something new, that learning begins with a review of the basics that they've heard ever-so-many times before. In many fields, you will here of incidents in which someone with enough experience and certificates to be considered a teacher makes an error with some really nasty results, and to most folks that error seems like a tiny thing. But as one teacher of mine said, “The bigger the problem, the smaller the cause”.For this and many other reasons, it behooves us to occasionally step back and review the basics. And sometimes, there might be new learning in the old stuff. Blessed Be!  
22:17 02/21/2020
February 15, 2020 – Coming Back After You've Left
Just about everyone can think of something that they used to do and wishes they could do it again. This is just as true in spiritual pursuits as in anything else. I recently realized that I had been away from the Tarot for too long, and wanted to get back into it. My cards and my books had all “disappeared” in the sudden move, and I had to begin again. Re-entering a pursuit can be very profitable. To begin with, you will get re-acquainted with it, and your learning will be on a new level. In my case, I found some people who actually know the subject instead of just offering their opinion. And, the books which I had once accumulated and lost were replaced by quality standard references. Blessed Be!  
21:07 02/14/2020
February 8, 2020 – Prayer: A Tool Or A Cop-out?
Prayer has become a subject of much confusion. At one extreme you'll find the devout, including monks and nuns as well as lay people, At the other extreme are the people who only claim to pray and the people who use prayer as an alternative to taking action. Typical examples are the politician offering “thoughts and prayers” to the victims of a major crime or disaster, or the student who tries to pray to pass a test instead of taking the effort to study. So, how is someone supposed to pray? Those of us who remember Christian Sunday schools may remember the teachers teaching us “Fold your hands, bow your head, and close your eyes.” We soon learn that doing those things are not always practical. But it does get a beginner to do one of the most important things that needs to be done in prayer. Follow that with a few basic principles, and you have the secret of powerful prayer! Blessed Be!  
21:30 02/07/2020
February 1, 2020 – Meditating Meditation
Meditation is a subject that is much too “large” to do justice in one episode, but I can give you an overview which might help – especially if you are beginning, or feel like you are beginning. There are more meditation techniques and traditions that can be listed here, but there are some basic principles that are just about universal. Mediation is, in essence, listening. It might be to your inner self, higher consciousness, a deity or deities, or whatever. Entire libraries, schools and monasteries have been built for the study and experience of meditation. Nevertheless, certain basic principles exist. But this episode will give you either a good jumping-off point for exploring meditation and, if you are experience, you might find this useful to see the breadth and depth of the subject. Blessed Be!
21:16 02/01/2020
January 25, 2020 – Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards, And Such
Divination can be a powerful tool, if it is used wisely. To begin with, it is necessary to understand the difference between divination and so-called fortune-telling. Divination is a way to focus your instincts on a question and see what shadows we can see of things which are preparing be. Unlike so-called “fortune telling”, you remain in control and actions by the appropriate people can change what the shadows show. There is a wide variety of tools and methods available for divination. You might find one that works for you, or in some cases, one s chosen for you either by circumstance or by a teacher. There are numerous books and other ways to learn, and as you progress, you will learn how to recognize someone who is actually authoritative. Divination is a way to be in control of your life, provided only that you keep it in its proper perspective. Blessed Be!  
24:00 01/24/2020
January 18, 2020 – A Peek Across The Bridge
No subject creates more assumptions, presumptions, pronouncements, and avoidance reactions than death. When someone dies, there is usually a funeral which will have any of several possible functions, ranging from mourning someone's death to celebrating someone's life. But when it's your funeral, you might not be there, and we need to focus on what you will encounter. The literature and scriptures of most spiritual paths usually describe three possible fates. There is a special place of reward for the elite whether they are warriors, saints, or other exemplary people. There is also a special place where the most evil of people suffer eternal punishment, usually for offenses against their deity. In between there is the larger place where most of us will probably find ourselves. Wiccans commonly call this “The Rainbow Bridge”, which is an apt description. We do have some descriptions of near-death experiences, but daily life across the bridge is mostly speculation. But it appears we know enough about it to take some comfort. Blessed Be!  
19:41 01/16/2020
January 11, 2020 – Dealing With Bullying
Bullying is an epidemic.  It can happen on a kindergarten playground, a workplace, on the internet, or any other place you can imagine. Bullies can be schoolchildren, senior citizen, or anyone else in between. They can be any gender, race, religion or ethnicity. While some think of bullying in terms of fists in the schoolyard, bullying can also be verbal. Bullies are much weaker than they pretend to be. In fact, they generally have their own problems, and some are guilty of the same perceived shortcoming that they attack others for! Or, they could be afraid of becoming one of “them”. And, the response must be credible. Blessed Be!  
16:00 01/10/2020
January 4, 2020 – Wrong Religion?
People make all kinds of comments about religion and religious groups, whether you are talking about a major church, a Hindu ashram, a Wiccan coven, or any other you can list. While much is said about groups which have problems, most of them do not have such problems. Nevertheless, even if the problem is only one percent, how can you recognize that one percent? After all, one percent means enough instances that you need to keep your eyes open. And, just because it isn't “big enough” to get the attention of the TV news doesn't mean that joining the wrong group can ruin your day! There are “red flags” which you can look for that will identify issues which will identify the group as one which has problems. You need to use your own judgment, and the issues can range from small irritations to valid reasons to leave immediately. Blessed Be!  
19:56 01/04/2020
December 28, 2019 – Resolutions and Wishes
Christmas and New Year's Day are two holidays only a few days apart. In fact, in some traditions, Christmas is celebrated over a long enough period that New Year's Day is actually within the twelve days of Christmas. And Christmas and New Year's Day share thoughts of wishing and resolution. Even if you're mature enough not to believe in Santa Claus, there are many other wishes, such as wishing something for another person, wishing to revive a cherished memory, or wishing for something to happen. And, at New Year's, there are resolutions when we wish something for ourselves. A resolutions can be the beginning of something great, or it can become a joke. How many people resolve to quit smoking or lose weight?   Whether we're dealing with a wish or a resolution, there are ways to help it happen, and there are ways to make it actually successful. Some thing are best left alone, while other desires will need to be expressed in a way to allow it to not only succeed, but stay successful. And, of course, you still need to do your part. And, you want it to be a blessing and remain a blessing.   Blessed Be!  
20:57 12/27/2019
December 21, 2019 – Christmas, Solstice, or What?
When you see a Christian cringe when they hear someone wish them “happy holidays”, the fact is that this time of year has quite a number of holidays. Most of those holidays have religious or spiritual implications, and they are not all Christian or secular. It is the time of the winter solstice, when the sun begins its return. Wiccans and a number of other pagans celebrate the birth of the divine child who takes the place of the god who died at Samhain – the holiday know of us know as Halloween. Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah, which celebrates their return from exile in Babylon and their temple coming back to life. And, of course, there is Christmas which on the surface celebrates the birth of the baby Jesus but like with many such celebrations, the implications go beyond the simplistic surface. I have often said that I cannot understand why there is so much conflict between the various religious path, and this is an example of why I see so little conflict. So many celebrations with so many different names, but all celebrate the basic fact of new beginnings! Blessed Be!  
17:51 12/19/2019
December 14, 2019 – Calling Across The Bridge
One of the most common things people want to do, and actually do, spiritually is to reach out across the bridge to those who have crossed over that bridge through death. No matter what we are taught, it happens. What is more, they reach out to us, and we're not stopping them. The question is not whether it is right or wrong, but being in control, recognizing what we are being offered, and what to do with it. Some might call it “occult” or “evil”, but it's more a case of people not knowing. Please note that some of those folks would have called the Internet “witchcraft” 100 years ago. This is something which happens, whether we want it or not. We might as well recognize them and see what they mean. And with that, we can be blessed even more! Blessed Be!  
23:32 12/13/2019
December 7, 2019 – Opening Your Spiritual Eyes
Where religion or spirituality is concerned, the first thing it needs to do is WORK. People who don't see it working quit trying – either they go through the motions to be socially acceptable, or they simply quit.. The problem is , so many of those who try to tell us of how The Divine (by whatever name) is active in our lives tend to speak of what one author called “fingerprints of God”, which calls to attention what The Divine has set into motion. What you and I need is to be able to see The Divine as not only caring about us, but also able to see our situations and respond.   Two things to look for are what is already in front of you, and what you can cause to be. Look at what The Divine might have been doing for you which you might have though to be “coincidence”. But then, see what you might be able to cause to be. There are a few things to understand, if it can in fact be!   Blessed Be!    
25:54 12/07/2019
November 30, 2019 – Opening The Door!
One of the first things you need on your spiritual journey is improving your communication with The Divine, regardless of how the name or names you associate with The Divine. Some people may think that they have never communicated with The Divine, while others are considered to be advanced. While beginners usually know that they are beginners, the truly advanced know how how little they have learned compared to totality of what might be there. The first questions usually concern what t pray and where to pray. What to pray is a process of knowledge that will span your lifetime and will take many turns. Where to pray is another question which will face most people in one way of another. This is a growth process. Blessed Be!  
26:31 11/30/2019
November 23, 2019 – Revisiting Where I Began
The fact that I was away from my keyboard and microphone does not mean that I didn't have my eyes open. And, over the past year, one issue seemed most apparent, and it is the same issue which I addressed in my very first podcast: “Why can't we get along?” It's at least as relevant an issue today as it was in April of 2006. Inn fact, for me the question is more emphatic!   So many of the most bigoted claim to be Christians, but an examination of their Bible tells us something else. Besides the fact that Jesus himself pointed out that some scripture was out-of-date when he was on Earth, there is more which reveals that the gates of their heaven might open wider than many think. Some of the issues which are a big deal to some might not be so big to The Divine.   And, is this one of the issues which are keeping us back. How can we expect to see and understand more when we do not understand what is already in front of us? Blessed Be!
22:54 11/23/2019
November 16, 2019 - I'm back!
I've been away for a while, and it has been a difficult journey. But, I am back, and I'm ready to be back. What I went through will certainly contribute to the content of future episodes, but for this one I'm going to talk about the difficult journey itself, so you'll know what happened and you'll have some idea of what happened and what it might come to mean. I know that it has been more than a year since my last podcast, but many have asked when I'll be back. Lady Stormy was my wife, life partner and High Priestess beginning in 2000 until she died on December 24, 2019. Yes, Christmas Eve. There was so much more that I wish we could have done together. And that was just the beginning. Six months later, almost to the day, I had my own medical issues which led me to an ambulance ride, Emergency Room, and Intensive care, followed by a long time in a so-called "skilled norsing facility". Except for a few minutes, I never got to see my house again. My son packed up what he thought I might need, I found a lawyer to adle the sale of the house, and my son found me a place to live in Eugene, Oregon - the very town I left to begin my life with Lady Stormy. Thankfully, my dog Veronica is with me. That's not all, but that's plenty. And so it's time to resume and also build. Blessed Be!  
22:01 11/16/2019
August 25, 2018 - Opening The Door!
This episode is one for everyone on any path that is spiritual, because it applies to everyone. Simply put, spirit happens. And so, I find something that all can use and many need. To say nothing of it being something that might have been taken from you, perhaps even deliberately. And so you knock on the door. It opens. Do you know that it is opened? Someone was waiting for you. Come in. This might not be your first beginning, and it probably won't be your last. And each builds on the others. Blessed Be!
31:14 08/25/2018
August 4, 2018 - Yes, You Can - And Probably Already Have!
When you were a little child, your imagination was free, and so was your mind! Do you remember an invisible friend, knowing about something that you had no way of knowing about, or seeing things in a way others did not? Many of us did, and others of us had those memories driven from us by parents, teachers, other kids, or others. And, some of us miss them. If they ever were there, they still are there. And if they are still there, they are waiting for you! Common sense and a sense of good manners will tell you the difference between something genuine and something genuinely unreal. But before we open a door, it's important to know that the door is there.
33:39 08/03/2018
June 16, 2018 - More Higher Authorities!
Looking at the people who have become the news lately, I cannot help but wonder whom they really answer to, and why. Most people consider themselves accountable to some person, some deity, or some group - or a combination, depending on what their life is like. But what about those who don't seem to be accountable to anyone? Actually, there is a simple answer, compatible with most scriptures or even a total lack of scripture! Let's look and find it! Blessed Be!  
31:01 06/15/2018
December 23, 2017 - Happy Whatsitsday!
It's that time of year when some people worry if they'll offend others with a seasonal greeting that might hint at a possible religious or ethnic affiliation, and others insist ion feeling offended if such a greeting is not their kind of greeting. And so many of the rest of us are just happy that someone wishes us well, including in their own terms. I see this as an opportunity to learn how much we actually have in common. Once we do that, there's no limit to what we can do! Blessed Be!  
33:01 12/22/2017
December 16, 2017 - Some Questions Should Not Have To Be Asked!
Some questions should not have to be asked! As an example, I have ridden on many busses and have never asked the bus driver if he or she were sober! Some issues should be presumed resolved by the time you're involved. The recent special election in Alabama is an example of questions being asked which should have never needed asking. Standards might change. In the 12th and 14th centuries, it was not uncommon for a girl to be married at 12, but now we consider anyone at that age to be a child. The needs of society dictated the change, and it does not get changed based on some whim or temporary sentiment. Similarly, it was once not uncommon for certain people to own slaves, but no more. We need to know what our standards are, why they are there and follow them! Blessed Be!
36:51 12/15/2017
December 9, 2017 - Powerful Prayer's Secret Ingredient!
There is a secret ingredient to prayer, and it can often make a major difference! It not only helps you to pray, it makes it flow better. And, it helps you to know what you need to do. Unlike the "secret ingredients" mentioned in advertising, which usually prove to be standard components which everyone uses, this one is a genuine "secret in plain sight", often overlooked by many. Blessed Be!
31:09 12/08/2017
December 2, 2017 - Who Are You Going To Call?
I've spoken about prayer in the last few episodes, and that leaves us with one question. The problem is, the question is so obvious that some don't even see it as a question. Very simply: to whom should you address your prayers? And some other questions would follow. For instance, if what works for me doesn't work for you, or vice versa, does that mean that one should impose their faith on the other? The answer to this and other similar questions can be found, and found clearly, even in the Christians' Bible. People who can keep their preconceived notions from interfering with the actual content will understand. Blessed Be!  
33:18 12/01/2017
November 25, 2017 - Prayer That Can Kick Butt!
We've spent a fair amount of time discussing prayer in the last couple of episodes, and not flatteringly in the case of some who seem to mis-use or actually avoid real prayer. It's time to see how prayer can actually be made to work, and work effectively! To begin with, understand that praying for what you need is not greed, but also know that praying for others does help them. In fact, I am aware of a very recent and well-documented case that proves that point. And The Divine is indeed listening! Blessed Be!  
32:00 11/24/2017
November 18, 2017 - Can So-Called "Thoughts And Prayers" Do Anything?
With every major tragedy on the news, especially storms and mass shootings, many politicians and others say that the victims have their "thoughts and prayers". I often wonder if their "thoughts and prayers" are a euphemism for doing nothing. But, people who want to do something can transform genuine thoughts and prayers into powerful action! And, it is well within our grasp! Not only is it within our grasp, but many of the tasks are ones you do anyway, and look forward to doing! Let's see what can happen when we turn other people's insincerities into genuine action! Blessed Be!  
31:24 11/17/2017
November 11, 2017 - When Do We Draw The Line?
We call ourselves spiritual, and/or magickal, and/or religious. Yet even the best of us is getting too accustomed to the continuing wave of gun violence. Here in the Philadelphia area, part of the routine is to turn on the morning news to learn who got shot last night. And then, there are the mass shootings in which any number from a dozen to several hundred are shot! When do we draw the line and say that enough is enough? It might be fair to say that we are the victims of bullying. The fact is that public officials, including elected ones, are attracted to money and promises of good publicity. And that has attracted them to the point that it was recently shown how little their own lives matter! The question is begging for an answer! Blessed Be!  
31:26 11/10/2017
November 4, 2017 - Minding Your Spiritual Manners!
Most of us understand manners and common courtesy in dealing with our fellow mortals in any number of situations, whether it's in an elementary school classroom, a corporate boardroom, or anywhere ale you can imagine. But what about dealing with The Divine, or The Departed? And what about deities or departed ones who are not your own? And what about the people who do revere them? Some basic principles can go a long way here. Not only might they keep us out of trouble, we might even benefit! Blessed Be!
31:37 11/03/2017
October 28, 2017 - The Fullness Of Samhain!
At Samhaintide, the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. Many consider Samhaintide to be the time beginning eight days before and ending eight days after Samhain. It does not mean that the veil is ever impenetrable, but this is when it is easiest for us to reach through to them, and for them to reach through to us. And, they remember us and still care. If you are here, you probably already understand the necessity of respect between the worlds, but there are many who do not. In this world, you would not simply barge into someone's home and mess around, would you? A little respect can go a long, long way! Blessed Be!  
29:36 10/27/2017