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The 'Beer n BS Show' is a discussion on craft ales, politics, gaming, movies with a good dose of bullshit. Hosted by three drinking buddies - we aim to introduce a few new beers to you with a humorous breakdown of topical events and news. Recorded in the Leeds (Yorkshire/UK) from the finest taproom in the area: This podcast may not be suitable for listening at work or in public spaces.


Venezuelan brewers 'Piglove' join us on the show and introduce their QAAWA series of craft ales. 120:23 10/17/2021
You're Northern and you're Scum! North Vs South - England divided! 103:16 10/04/2021
A Royal Mess? Blind Craft Beer tasting with a chat about the British Royal Family - should they still be a thing? Listen to three Brits give their opinion on the mess the Royal Family is! 100:04 09/19/2021
Blind Craft Beer tasting with a chat about Afghanistan, a debrief of Aaron's wedding and getting totally hung up on how to open banana! Mr Rachel has a guest appearance on this show. 97:27 08/29/2021
We are back! Long overdue Bigfoot Festival catch up, the 2020 European cup and the Olympics. Craft ale and of course Beer or BS. 102:14 08/16/2021
Steve Wright and Tiny Idea Interview - Food Poverty, Doing Good, Awesome Pizza, Craft Beer and Beer or BS 105:05 06/21/2021
9 movies we hate (from Pulp Fiction to Pan's Labyrinth) and sadly Nathan's last show. 104:47 06/06/2021
Inventing Swearwords Season Two 75:27 05/24/2021
Bigfoot Festival tell us more about their forthcoming craft beer festival 43:25 05/16/2021
Joe Rogan:Dickhead of the Week and Fanny Egg Peddlars: Goop 70:30 05/10/2021
Hysterical Carnage, European Super League, Social Media and Electric Bear Beers 96:13 04/26/2021
Conspiracy Theories - Fake Nathan, Princess Diana, JFK, Flat Earth - are they just 'Bullshit'? 84:51 04/12/2021
England - This Sceptered Isle - What is it to be English - With Added Bullshit. 119:28 03/29/2021
The Inaugural Barnard Ass Castle Awards 101:32 03/15/2021
The very best of Nathan 2020 - Bonus Content 19:53 01/11/2021
First Birthday Episode, extra Jover-ling, too many beers, loads of nonsense and reverse Beer or BS 130:33 12/24/2020
What to look forward to in 2021 and what to avoid! Films, TV, Festivals and Sport. 115:17 12/10/2020
Brewery Interview with Pine Ridge Brewery - Washington State USA 90:09 11/26/2020
Biden/Trump Election Wrap Up - with guest thoughts from the USA 105:43 11/12/2020
Borat Subsequent Moviefilm – Bore-rat or Very Niiiiice? 111:55 10/29/2020
Inventing Swear Words, Smart Male Chastity Device and Trump Shenanigans 102:31 10/15/2020
Trump Taxes, Scouting Badges and Fossil Fuel Car Ban 100:26 09/30/2020
Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gender Reveal Parties, Life on Venus and Blind Craft Ale Tasting 101:01 09/17/2020
Boris & Books, Kamala Harris, Oatley Oat Milk, Brew Dog CO2, Covid Protesting Idiots and Craft Ale 106:34 09/03/2020
The Witcher Retrospective - Netflix TV Show, the Witcher 3 game and the original Sapkowski books. 110:02 08/19/2020
The New Mutants, Donald Trump Tweets, British Politics, Exo Planets and Spicy Boys 106:19 08/05/2020
The Mead and Manure Moot - Vikings and Mead 98:45 07/23/2020
The Bad Bands are Banned Band Interview 100:36 07/10/2020
The Manda-Boring Star Wars TV Series Review and Beer Tasting 113:27 06/25/2020
Beer Tasting, Beer or Bullshit and the Philosophers Pint Glass - Remastered 83:17 02/29/2020