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There are millions of practically genius ideas that get implemented in organizations each year. This show celebrates the change makers who take those ideas, and turn them into reality. The Ripple Effect podcast is now Practically Genius - a show for innovators, disrupters, and everyday geniuses who make their world of work better with each brilliant idea. Hosts Lindsay McGuire and Ryan Greives share conversations with genius guests and each other around topics that changemakers care about–like change management, the no-code revolution, and how to enable your employees with the tools they need to implement their practically genius ideas effectively. Subscribe to never miss an episode, and visit for more content that will inspire change in your organization.


No-Code Is the Future 22:28 08/11/2022
Practically Speaking: Eliminating Technical Roadblocks 12:36 08/04/2022
The Best Ways to Power Through Stuck Moments 22:08 07/28/2022
Practically Speaking: Prioritizing Eliminating Paper 10:09 07/21/2022
Why Paper is Completely Impractical 27:50 07/14/2022
Practically Speaking: Improving the Customer Experience 09:07 07/07/2022
The Truth about NPS and Getting Customer Experience Right 26:10 06/30/2022
Practically Speaking: Using Automation to Reduce Busywork and Turnover 08:01 06/23/2022
Automation Can't Save You from Broken Processes 26:35 06/16/2022
Practically Speaking: Building Cultures that Embrace Change 09:01 06/09/2022
Change Management is More about People than Process - John Kuforiji 21:53 06/02/2022
Ripple Effect is now Practically Genius 04:43 05/26/2022
Future of Work: Building a Mindset that Embraces Innovation with Brian Solis 23:55 05/05/2022
Future of Work: Staying Ahead of Customer Expectations with Jeannie Walters 27:47 04/21/2022
Future of Work: Navigating Digital Transformation with Drew Weiss 29:32 04/07/2022
Future of Work: Workplace Innovation Secrets with Stephanie Mehta 23:18 03/24/2022
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People First: Creating Impact and Elevating Individuals with Ryan Patel 32:11 12/02/2021
Unlocking B2B Marketing Success with Dave Gerhardt 29:55 11/17/2021
Questioning Normal to Build a Better Workplace with Tim and Sara Hale 32:04 11/04/2021
The Importance of Mentorship, Diversity, and Betting On Yourself with Amna Sohail 26:39 10/28/2021
Redefining Employee Well-being and Burnout with Bryan Smith 35:46 10/14/2021
Teaser: Introducing Season 4 01:32 10/04/2021
Future of Work: Reimagining Collaboration in a Remote World with Phil Simon 31:47 08/05/2021
Future of Work: What Everyone Can Learn from a Bootstrapped Business with Jeremy Clarke 26:36 07/22/2021
Better Product: Balancing the Future in the Present with Chris Byers, Formstack 34:09 07/15/2021
Future of Work: Future of Work: Why Drift Decided to Go Digital-First with Dena Upton 28:58 07/08/2021
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