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The 9pm Edict

The 9pm Edict is a podcast looking at the news and its frustrations. Produced and presented by Stilgherrian somewhere near Sydney, Australia. It contains strong language and disturbing mental imagery.


The 9pm Extra: Well May We Say episode 147, "Anti-Vicsers" 75:00 07/18/2021
The 9pm Billionaire Gummi Worms of Spicy Freedom with Andrew P Street 75:38 07/15/2021
The 9pm Bronouncement of "The 9pm Late Winter Series 2021" and related matters 05:11 07/07/2021
The 9pm Four-Phase Year Two Custard Duck 62:43 07/03/2021
The 9pm Snail is Sleeping with satirist Mark Humphries 67:52 06/11/2021
The 9pm Overshared Hate Mail Ant Infestation with cartoonist Cathy Wilcox 63:58 05/29/2021
The 9pm One Podcast, Two Systems, and a Ladydisease with John Birmingham 67:51 05/17/2021
The 9pm Snakes, Steaks, and Mistakes with Jon Kudelka 83:43 05/07/2021
The 9pm Craig Kelly Conspiracy Fan Club with Cameron Wilson 58:35 05/02/2021
The 9pm Dumb Anarcho-Capitalist Blockchain Scams with David Gerard 71:10 04/17/2021
Announcing "The 9pm More Autumn Series 2021" 02:41 04/13/2021
The 9pm Recycled Edict 2: A Modest Proposal 20:24 04/04/2021
The 9pm Recycled Edict 1 (Remix) 28:20 04/04/2021
The 9pm April Fool's Disinformation Dialogue with Elise Thomas 41:36 04/01/2021
The 9pm Self-Heating Underpants of Death with philosopher Patrick Stokes 73:45 03/21/2021
The 9pm Newcastle Rock, Radio, and Coal Chat with Carol Duncan and Nuatali Nelmes 71:38 03/13/2021
Updating "The 9pm Autumn Series 2021" and more 05:03 02/14/2021
Announcing "The 9pm Autumn Series 2021" and much more 03:46 02/04/2021
Announcing "The 8pm Quiz" 02:15 01/10/2021
The 9pm Year of Brain Worms, Drama, and Despair 145:51 12/29/2020
The 9pm Surprise Christmas Plague Submarine 54:34 12/20/2020
The 9pm Artificial Intelligence Doom Elevator with Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell AO 50:55 12/12/2020
The 9pm Freedom Wine Zombie Mink War Crime with Andrew P Street 91:11 12/03/2020
The 9pm Happy Birthday Coronavirus Space Karen Christmas with Upulie Divisekera 95:37 11/19/2020
The 9pm Rabbit-Hole Cave Dive with Cam Smith 86:51 11/13/2020
The 9pm Overturned Turtle Taliban with John Birmingham 78:34 11/06/2020
The 9pm Halloween Bad Sex State Election Live 225:55 11/01/2020
How to listen to "The 9pm Halloween Bad Sex State Election Live" and any future livestreams 03:42 10/29/2020
Updating "The 9pm End of Spring Series 2020" 06:30 10/25/2020
Announcing "The 9pm End of Spring Series 2020" 03:37 10/16/2020