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Do you live for the hunt? Do you eat, breathe, & sleep pop culture, fine art, & antiques – or do you just want to know more? Do comic books keep you up at night, do all those unloved antiques keep you tossing and turning, is that dusty old portrait or modern abstract flashing before you when you close your eyes? Is it because they might be worth something, or because they might be worthless… and you just don’t know? Whether collecting & selling as a career or a hobby, find out what’s hot and what’s not with the Justuff League podcast. Every week, the guys will guide & entertain you in the world of pop culture, collectibles, fine art, & antiques! The Justuff League is… Travis Landry is the Director of Pop Culture and an auctioneer at Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers. He specializes in toys, comic books, urban art and contemporary art, but also has a passion for everything antique. When not in the office, Travis travels around the country searching for rare toys & comics for auction, appears as a pop culture expert panelist at comic conventions, and is a collectibles and toys & games appraiser for PBS’ Antiques Roadshow. Previously, you may have seen him on Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter or read The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Transformers Action Figures, which he co-wrote with author Mark Bellomo. Kevin Bruneau is the owner and president of Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers. His twenty-five plus years’ antiquarian experience is what propelled Bruneau & Co. to become New England’s premier auction house specializing in fine art, antiques, & pop culture. Aside from overseeing all inventory and photography for the company, Kevin is also the lead auctioneer and a specialist in antiques, fine art, and Asian arts. If he looks familiar, you probably saw him on PBS’ Market Warriors. When not in the gallery, Kevin is on the road managing house calls and looking for that next great collection! James Supp is an antiquarian and owner of the Coronado Trading Company. He started in the field reproducing medieval armor and has since gone on to study many aspects of material culture, specializing in the study of pre-industrial manufacturing methods. He has a breadth of knowledge and speaks on varied subjects from the history of playing cards to the evolution of footwear. The stranger and more esoteric the subject, the more it fascinates him. When not in the office, James travels throughout the Midwest providing collection consultations and filming for PBS’ Antiques Roadshow as a collectibles and toys & games appraiser.


Griswold Cast Iron Skillets 30:28 08/02/2022
Market Corrections or a Market Crash? 31:49 07/26/2022
Are We Yearning for Traditional Decor? 32:11 07/19/2022
July 2022 Historic Arms and Militaria Auction 22:35 07/12/2022
An Embarrassment of Riches 33:34 07/05/2022
NFT and Crypto Doom and Gloom? 40:30 06/28/2022
The Antiques Roadshow Process 46:21 06/21/2022
The Bethlehem Collection - Pedigree Comic Book Collections with Phil Weiss of Weiss Auctions 38:30 06/07/2022
NFT Problems, Investing in Art and Emerging Artists with Jeremiah Heller of End to End Gallery 45:58 05/31/2022
Operating a Modern Art Gallery with Jeremiah Heller of End to End Gallery 31:48 05/24/2022
The Monique Knowlton Collection - Tin Lithograph Toys 32:21 05/17/2022
How to Shoot Antique Firearms (and What NOT to Shoot) with Joel Bohy 28:38 05/10/2022
Understanding the Fine Ceramics and Pottery Market with Stuart Slavid of Bonhams Skinner Auctions 34:23 05/03/2022
The Justuff League 2022 Survey Announcement 22:25 04/26/2022
420 Collectibles 37:02 04/19/2022
Star Wars Collectibles Market 2022 35:30 04/12/2022
Sup with Supp? AKA James Supp takes New York 31:05 04/05/2022
The Movies that Made Producer Kyle 36:44 03/29/2022
How to Consign Your Furniture with Jennifer McCarthy of Fully Furnished Consignment 26:43 03/22/2022
How the Russia Ukraine Conflict is Impacting Business 32:21 03/15/2022
Joel Bohy's Historic Arms and Militaria Spring 2022 Auction 32:43 03/08/2022
Modern and Vintage Toy Flipping with Sprooch 37:30 03/01/2022
The Furniture Business with Vinny Onorato 32:39 02/22/2022
The Movies that Made Joel Bohy 37:50 02/15/2022
What's up with 3rd Party Shipping? 28:37 02/08/2022
Is IKEA Furniture Collectible? 32:05 02/01/2022
The Movies and Media That Made Kevin 40:34 01/25/2022
James visits Meow Wolf Vegas and Omega Mart 27:36 01/18/2022
Entry Level Investing - $200 and under 38:13 01/11/2022