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Stimulants (Methamphetamines) - Horrors, Harms, & Care Options
Methamphetamine is the most destructive non-pharmaceutical substance impacting every sector of society. It results in both violent and non-violent crime in every community it impacts. This is evidenced by the work done by the Montana Meth Project. In today's episode, we discuss the anecdotal increase in use on the streets in Vancouver, BC, and the increased presentations observed in the healthcare system.
30:01 11/05/2022
How I Trained and Finished My First 42.2k - Liz Garrett, Vegan Marathoner
Liz recently completed the Eversource Hardford Marathon on October 8th. Liz comes back on the show to describe her training strategy and approach to completing the marathon distance. For the plant-based curious, Liz also describes her approach to nutrition while training and on race day.
65:54 10/16/2022
Gratitude - The Critical Step in Your Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing
Our success is defined by those who helped get us here. As we develop into better individuals, parents, and professionals, it is critical that we take the time to acknowledge those who have made that development possible. The best expression comes in the form of gratitude for the individuals who cared enough to offer a helping hand, kind word, or advice, ultimately taking us to the next level in our journey and self-discovery.
25:32 10/07/2022
My Husband's Recovery Journey and Our Commitment to Sobriety as a Family
In today's episode, I reveal our commitment to recovery as a family of two. COVID provided a gift - Issues became magnified as they were impossible to conceal due to proximity. My husband has struggled over the years, a coping strategy discovered to be effective against the impacts of childhood trauma.
31:28 10/01/2022
Orthorexia - The Lesser Known Eating Disorder Among Vegans
Orthorexia, a lesser known eating disorder not yet approved by the American Psychiatric Association, is characterized as an obsession with eating, 'clean' food. Individuals typically categorize food in terms of, 'good vs. bad' and are often concerned with putting, 'poison' in their body, going to great lengths to control the food they eat and how it is prepared by others.
30:03 08/20/2022
Weight Loss Without Exercise - Dr. Attia's Three Levers of Nutrition
Frustrated with those extra pounds that hang on no matter how hard you workout? Let's face it, exercise alone rarely results in sustainable weight loss. In fact, if you want to lose weight, a surgical approach focusing on diet just might be the key.
32:56 08/06/2022
Data is Making Us Anxious and Depressed (Thoughts & Recommendations)
I love data. However, as someone who grew up as a member of the Gen-X generation, I have the advantage of remembering what it was like not to have a computer, cell phone, or wearable tracking your every move. While I obsess over the information coming at me, especially as a runner, I also recognize the darker side of data, especially as it relates to anxiety and mood.
40:45 07/16/2022
Turning 50 - What I Have Learned and How I am Designing My Future
Oh my God...where has the last 20, even 30 years gone? In today's episode, I review what turning 50 means to me, what feels different, and outline what I want the next few decades to look like. I also share my findings of what others say they have experienced entering the 5th decade of their life.
36:26 07/02/2022
The Healing Power of the Cognitive Reframe (Fighting Our Propensity)
A colleague at work recently remarked that I had a talent for keeping conversations positive (and therefore productive), even when meetings turned towards the negative. I thought, "Wow, do I have everyone fooled!" In reality, what goes on in my head, just like everyone else, is often in stark contrast to what I put out to the real world.
29:20 05/18/2022
My Top Ten Tips For Runners In Their 40s and 50s
Let's face it! From a fitness perspective, getting older, without the proper mindset and approach, is potentially disastrous. We are sore in places we never knew we could. Our energy level throughout the day is not what it was in our early adulthood. In short, maintaining fitness decade after decade, is nothing short of challenging.
43:32 05/08/2022
An Introduction to Emotional Self-Regulation (Managing The Chaos)
Today we provide a theoretical overview of emotional self-regulation. We review a series of approaches to help with the expression of emotions through dedication to emotional self-care planning, self-monitoring of emotional reactions to triggering environmental cues, and adherence to physical and emotional wellness.
30:58 04/17/2022
Kickstart Your Wellness - Walking For Fitness and Tips For Motivation
Walking is the best way to start and sustain your wellness journey. Whether you are attempting to lose weight, or improve your emotional wellbeing, walking is an accessible activity for anyone wanting to increase their level of physical activity. In today's episode we provide an overview of the benefits of walking and what you will need to get started. We also discuss tips to improve motivation, a skill set you will need to keep you going for years to come.
36:56 04/09/2022
Strain vs Recovery - What I Learned After Using Whoop 4.0 This Month
Are you thinking about getting the Whoop 4.0? Have you seen mixed reviews of the product and don't know where to land? I dove in and made the six month financial commitment to give the wearable a try. In today's episode, I share my experience and try to answer who the Whoop 4.0 is for. I break down what I love, and what leaves me 'almost' certain I will not renew once my commitment is finished.
32:26 02/27/2022
What I Noticed Going Alcohol and THC Free After 50 Days
Making the commitment to eliminate alcohol and THC products from your life is one you will never regret. On the first day of January this year, I made the commitment to stop drinking alcohol for 90 Days in an effort to improve anxiety and sleep. About three weeks later, I took the additional step to stop consuming THC edibles.
37:12 02/19/2022
I Got COVID-19: My Perspective as a Healthcare Administrator
In the middle of last week, I started feeling sick. By Thursday, I was wrapped in a blanket, sitting in front of my computer, working from home. What I worried about, even feared a year ago, had come true - I had COVID-19.
31:57 02/06/2022
Liz Garrett on The Law of Attraction, Mel Robbins, and EFT Tapping
We are so proud to have Liz Garrett, Author of, "My Best Life: Deliberately Creating the Life Of Your Dreams". In this deeply personal interview, Liz describes her discovery of the Law of Attraction and the principles that prompted a journey into self-discovery and transformation.
68:33 01/23/2022
New Year’s Eve with Jerod & Johnny: Saying Goodbye To 2021
This was supposed to be the year we left our medical grade masks, cheap slimy hand sanitizer, and disaster of a home office behind. In the end, we reflect on the fact that COVID-19 remains a reality along with its impact on our professional and personal lives. We are officially saying, "Goodbye" to 2021.
49:00 01/01/2022
COVID-19 Depression: Observations and Management (My Journey)
Each of us, whether you are a frontline healthcare professional or healthcare leader, is coping with the results of the ongoing pandemic in both adaptive and maladaptive ways. COVID-19 Depression is how we are now conceptualizing what we as individuals are experiencing and what we observe in others.
41:51 12/18/2021
Addiction & Precontemplation - Screening and Basic Approaches To Care
It is difficult to know what to do when someone is stuck in precontemplation. While we often blame the individual using substances for their persistent denial of the impact their use has on their life, we also find ourselves trapped in their apparent lack of commitment to change.
46:05 12/05/2021
Psychodynamics and Psychoanalysis - Relevance in Health Psychology
Freud's Psychoanalytic theory and the field of Health Psychology have one thing in common - Both approaches seek to help individuals, 'feel better'. We typically associated Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine within the context of cognition and behaviour.
39:17 11/28/2021
Five Disturbing Health Trends You Should Avoid
Everyone is looking for a hack to wellness. In reality, the turtle wins the race when it comes to improved physical and emotional wellbeing. In today's episode, I review five dangerous health trends, many promoted on TikTok to youth.
29:43 11/13/2021
You Asked, We Answer - Your Health Psychology Q&A
Over the past three years, we received dozens of questions from our listeners. In this special episode, we sifted through the most relevant and interesting queries and answer each from a place of thoughtfulness and authenticity.
43:58 11/07/2021
My Vegan Choice - Raising The Bar On The Vegan Community
Living a vegan lifestyle is a journey, not an endpoint. I discuss my own circuitous path living as a vegan, the bumps along the way, and the lessons I have learned. My vegan choice started over a decade ago. Over the years, my adherence has not been perfect.
31:04 10/31/2021
Controversial & Dangerous Treatments For Mental Illness - A Dark History
Based on listener feedback, today, I review the dark history of treatments for mental illness. In my review, I highlight the most astonishing practices - Who knows how well intentioned these actors were. Nevertheless, treatments such as blood letting, insulin shock therapy, and lobotomy were anything but humane.
31:37 10/23/2021
Grounding Exercises For Acute Anxiety (Trauma & Cognitive Psychology)
A listener reached out inquiring about managing moments of acute anxiety and feeling overwhelmed at work. Today, we discuss the power of "Grounding," an approach that interrupts the mental and physiological response to anxiety.
35:52 10/17/2021
You Are Evolving - Post-Covid Professional and Personal Growth Insights
In today's episode, I walk through a series of insights on professional and personal growth as part of my Autumn period of self-reflection. I challenge the idea that our work and home life should be considered separate. I also consider the importance of being comfortable with who you are and your accomplishments as a part of emotional wellbeing.
35:29 09/25/2021
Perfectionism is Ruining Your Life (Observations and Solutions)
In a previous article on Finding My Psych, we explored the application of the Triple Column Technique on addressing perfectionism. Today, in this solo episode, I addressed my own experience with perfectionism and provide some suggestions for containment.
31:57 09/25/2021
Promoting Hope Over Impending Doom - Light Your Own Way
I review recent thoughts on the pervasive hopelessness invading our culture. After stumbling onto a recent reflection by Rich Roll, I couldn't help but be impacted by his persistent hope promoting approach found in his work as a content creator, athlete, and human being.
44:58 08/14/2021
My Relationship With Alcohol - A Breakup Long Overdue
In this solo episode today, I talk about the influence alcohol has had on my life. I am quick to state that I am not an alcoholic. I have no tragic story about how alcohol has destroyed my family or caused cancer. However, I do have a story about my relationship with alcohol and how it is easily the most subtractive activity that I participate in.
44:59 07/24/2021
Amy Robertson - Hitting the Reset Button and Conversations on Dying
We are honoured to have, Amy Robertson, MSc. OT, on the Finding My Psych Podcast today. Amy and I discuss her most recent decision to move back to the East Coast to be closer to family. We spend time talking about the power of hitting the reset button in life and excitement/anxiety that come along with taking strategic leaps.
69:03 07/18/2021