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Most people live their lives using a dull blade, hoping to make it through to another day. Even a thousand dull blades would be no match for One Sharp Sword! One Sharp Sword is about breaking free and cutting through the veil that holds us back from living fully into our own truth. Who would you be if you weren't listening to someone else's voice? What job or career path would you be on? Where might you be living? Who would you surround yourself with? What would you eat? What music would you listen to? Better still, what music would you play? Dr. Pernell (also known as "Dr. P") brings you his insights and interviews guests who have had their own significant breakthroughs. Here, you're certain to come away inspired, ready to sharpen your sword. Be sure to get your weekly breakthrough with Dr. P, Tuesdays and Thursdays right here! One Sharp Sword!