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InTubaWild - A musical Roadtrip

InTubaWild is a road trip, an infinite music album, a web series, an experiment ... Music can connect people, cultures, social groups, political points of view ... These differences are often enough excuse to avoid dialogue. The problems caused by lack of communication are becoming more visible from day to day. With my Studiovan I meet musicians from all genres in Europe - from punk to classical music - from all levels - from street musicians to solo violinists - and produce music videos with them in their favorite places in spontaneous sessions. In our music and interviews, we report on trying out, on failure, on flow, when we create beats, sound spaces, and songs out of the silence of the location. So we share these real encounters with you online. Together, we show what potential arises in exchange, in togetherness, in space free of prejudice, if we see our differences as opportunities and create new ones together. ---


#02 SONG: Creating Music in the Streets of Vienna, Austria [EN]
If you walk through the city of Vienna with open senses, you can hardly escape its diversity. Sounds, tastes, patterns, genres, cultures, religions and traditions. All this ... can be heard In Vienna Sabina's, Andi's and my goal was to leave as many boundaries and categories as possible behind. We wanted to discover Vienna as a city with a multicultural past and present. The influences from the Far and Middle East and all other directions are everywhere, from Mozart and Beethoven to the experimental and popular music of today. We packed up my Surround-microphone and went out to capture the sound of the city. Besides construction sites, church bells and a group of Japanese tourists, also a world music store, a public piano and Andi's guitar made it into the song. Come along on our tour through the city of music
09:27 03/16/2020
#02 INTERVIEW: Sabina & Andi from Vienna, Austria [EN]
Driving all the way to Vienna to bring together two musicians to create a piece of music with me. It was hard to find people who are really open to the unknown, who trust in what is about to come... Finally Sabina and Andi decided to join the journey and as we didn't find a room to work in with a piano we grabbed our microphones and they just showed me around their favourite places of sound & music in the city of music itself.
70:59 02/28/2020
#01 SONG: Emanuel (percussionist and singer) from Sibiu, Romania [EN]
Join our music production on a field outside Sibiu in Romania and listen to the song we created together from silence. --- Please follow the project on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and have a look to, my blog with extra pictures, soundscapes, thoughts and texts in English and German. (YouTube Channel)
05:45 01/31/2020
#01 INTERVIEW: Emanuel (percussionist and singer) from Sibiu, Romania [EN/DE]
How is it possible to create a song without sharing a language? What's the power of music to change people and should we even try to change people? This is the interview with Emanuel, Percussionist and singer from Romania.
21:13 01/24/2020