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If you are a small business owner ready to stop hustling + trading all your time for dollars, then this passive income strategy podcast was created for YOU! Your host and online course creation mentor, Morgan Nield, is on a mission to help burned out entrepreneurs create more time + financial freedom in their businesses with passive income from a simple online course following her signature quick-win Passive Profit Path method (learn more here → Inside the podcast, she’ll takes your biggest online course questions and dives deep--sharing the best tips + tricks she’s learned after coaching over 3,000 students in online course + marketing strategy. Answers to “How do I create passive income? What’s the best type of passive income? How do I create an online course? How to build passive income as a beginner?” and more are all answered here. Make sure to check out for the show notes + resources for each episode!


How to juggle running a business with motherhood
You ever have those days where there are so many things going on with your kids and family that you don't even know how to find time for your business? Me too! Today I’m here with Lani Jackson who I am SO excited to have on the podcast because this is a girl that knows the definition of BUSY-- because not only does she host the Mompreneurs podcast + lead the Brilliant Mompreneurs Society group, she does it with 6 kiddos in tow. Lani is a clarity + strategy business coach for mom entrepreneurs and is ALL about helping women create intentionality in their businesses and prioritizing the things that are most important to them (like family) without sacrificing their lifestyle + income dreams along the way.  In today's episode, we’re going to talk about setting intentionality + what YOU can do to get out of the hustle mentality and start really making progress towards your goals! We'll cover the following questions: How did this business thing come about for Lani? Because it’s not like there's a lot of random “free time” lying around when you have a house full of kids! How does motherhood play a role in your business? Is there such a thing as “balance” in motherhood + business? How do YOU determine what tasks to work on vs. what ones aren’t important? There are so many “shoulds” in business-- how do we know what to cut out? Any tips on how to run a flexible business when motherhood has to unexpectedly take over? What about when the business has to be the priority for the moment? Any advice on ditching the “mom guilt”?  You talk about not comparing yourself to other moms-- any tips for how to avoid that? Social media makes it really hard to stop! Okay, personal question here: by the end of the day after the kiddos are FINALLY in bed, sometimes I am just D-O-N-E with life and have ZERO desire to work on my business. Any tips to combat that?  You want to hear even more from Lani? She's the best, isn't she? Here's where you can find here: Website: Instagram: @lanijjackson Facebook: Don't forget to grab your copy of Lani's Flexible Business Strategy here >>
53:22 09/21/2022
How to avoid creating a course no one wants to buy
Have you ever thought about someone pre-selling your course? What about pre-selling your course idea BEFORE you create any of the content? Well, this strategy just happens to be one of the smartest things you can do when it comes to creating a profitable online course in your business, and something I recommend ALL of my paid students do because it is--literally-- the failure-proof way of making sure you DON’T waste your (extremely limited) time + energy creating a course that no one buys. BUT! One thing I hear A LOT is: “isn’t that kind of unethical and maybe even a bit dodgy to sell a product that HASN’T been created yet?” Let me share a secret with you--it isn't! Let me tell you why in this episode.
12:31 09/14/2022
How to get paid to grow your email list with a simple tripwire product!
Do you ever just want to do something you're passionate about and make money while doing it? Morgan dives into this concept with the fabulous Eden Fried in this week's podcast. Eden teaches women how to turn their passions into digital products they can launch online. She's the host of the Rebel Boss Ladies podcast, the founder of Rebel Boss University (a membership community that teaches you how to launch in 90 days), and the founder and host of the Rebel Boss Summit, a twice annual virtual summit for current or aspiring digital product creators. In this episode, Morgan and Eden discuss: Eden's story of how she started an online business (spoiler alert--it involves trading suits and law school for sweats and a laptop!) Setting reachable milestones as an entrepreneur How Eden decided what to create for her first digital product + move past the initial overwhelm of so many options? What is a tripwire? What makes up a good tripwire? What is “too much” for a tripwire? How do you get started actually CREATING the tripwire? What would you say to someone who didn’t think they were “unique” enough or knowledgeable enough to create + sell a digital product? Don't forget to grab your free copy of Eden's Instant Customers Guide. Want to learn more about Eden (who wouldn't want to?!)? Here's where you can find her: Website: Instagram:
31:14 09/07/2022
How to Ditch Overwhelm for Ease in Your Online Business
Do you ever have those times when you just want to give up on your business? Hey—you’re not alone! In this episode, guest, Kaitlyn Kessler walks us through how to blend spirituality, strategy, and a whole lot of self-love and trust together to ditch feeling overwhelmed with your business. Morgan and Kaitlyn discuss the questions: I know that your business didn’t always feel in alignment for you though, right? I know you’ve worked with A LOT of people that have similar stories about feeling burned out/unfulfilled with their business. What are common things you hear from other entrepreneurs on a regular basis? Say I’m struggling with feeling burned out-- like, where would I even begin to “fix” that + get back on track with a business that I love? What are my first steps? How do I determine when something is out of alignment vs. just a tedious business task (since we all have them!)? What role does spirituality play in business alignment for you? I’ve been working on shifting my business to align more with who *I* am as a person + business owner and I’ve gotta admit-- it’s been scary and hard! Any tips on making a pivotal transition in your business towards alignment? I know you have a 4-part framework that you teach your clients to start building ease into their business-- can you walk us through what that looks like? E-Energetics + Embodiment A-Aligned Foundations S-Simplified Strategy E-Ease-Filled Expansion Be sure to checkout Kaitlyn’s free 20-Hour Work Week guide here! Do you want to hear more from Kaitlyn? I know I do! Here’s where you can find her: Website: Instagram: Facebook:
37:02 08/31/2022
How to make money from your online course idea in less than 2 weeks
Today’s episode is to give you HOPE! Hope that if you have thoughts of creating an online course, you don’t have to wait 90+ days like all the gurus out there will tell you to plan for. The first course I took that taught me how to create + sell an online course had a 90-120 roadmap from start to finish.  I don’t want that for you. You SHOULDN’T have to wait that long to be profitable from that amazing idea in your head. In fact, you could be making your first sales from your simple IDEA that is floating around in your head RIGHT NOW in as soon as 2 weeks.  How? Well, tune in to find out!
14:24 03/29/2022
What to do if your first online course idea flops: a $28,000 case study
I want to get straight to the point: My first online course idea flat-out FAILED.  Now I’m going to go into the details about WHY that happened in in this episode, but I think it’s really important to talk about failure as an online course creator because I’m willing to bet that THAT’S at least part of what’s holding you back right now-- if not the entire reason. Oh, and I'll teach you the 3 things I learned from my failure!
16:59 03/22/2022
How to build your online course business from scratch: 3 areas to focus on first
Today we’re going to talk about the 3 areas you MUST focus on + get clarity around before you do anything else in your business.  These are serious foundational elements that have the potential to DRASTICALLY impact your success (or failure!) as an online course creator. Taking the time NOW to figure this out is going to save you a lot of headache and heartache down the line--and in this episode, I'll teach you exactly what you need to do.
17:39 03/15/2022
Part 4: How to go from 0 to $100K in 2022 with an online course
Now that you know how to build an audience from 0 - 500 email subscribers, you understand how to create, and validate + launch your online course, it’s time to focus on the best part-- the magical part-- the automation + scaling portion-- where things REALLY start to take off! This is the phase where all your hard work really starts to pay off and you start to reap the rewards from all the hard work you put into creating your first online course-- and trust me (I won’t downplay it)-- it’s pretty straightforward, but it’s still a LOT of work to get a course up + running and this “fun” part doesn’t come until after all of that. In this episode, I walk you through all that you need to know to take this final step with your online course.
19:41 03/08/2022
Part 3: How to go from 0 to $100K in 2022 with an online course
Here we are on part 3 in our 4-part course creator mini-series on How to go from 0 → $100K with your online course business in the next 12 months.  Today’s topic? The money-making one you’ve been waiting for: Launching your new online course! This is probably the scariest step of the whole online course process--because this is when you’re finally--FINALLY ready to put your course out into the world (or at least the idea for your course) and start earning money from it.  In this episode, Morgan walks you through step by step how to launch and sell your course.
13:56 03/01/2022
Part 2: How to go from 0 to $100K in 2022 with an online course
Welcome to part 2 of this series-- now that you know how to build an audience from 0 - 500 email subscribers-- and are hopefully taking action RIGHT NOW on that, it’s time to talk about the product you are going to create to sell them.  In this episode, we’re going to talk about your product being an online course-- which is essentially an online digital product that teaches your students how to go from A - Z on a certain topic with various resources along the way to help them achieve that. This online course a product you can create ONCE and then sell over and over and over again. Take a listen and learn how!
17:34 02/22/2022
Part 1: How to go from 0 to $100K in 2022 with an online course
In today's episode, we’re kicking things off with an awesome 4-part series that is going to walk you through the step-by-step process for starting from 0 and growing an online course business to $100K in the next 12 months.  I’m excited to share about this process with you because while it looks simple enough-- create the product, share with your audience, make sales--that’s not really a game plan and it’s certainly not really what goes on behind the scenes. So consider this 4-part series the “curtain pull” where I’m going to share more of the nitty-gritty of what to expect if it’s your goal to go from 0 - $100K this year as an online course creator.  This is Part 1: Find your people (+ get them to find you!) where we’re going to talk about building an audience for your online course-- basically how you can find people that are going to ultimately want to purchase your online course.
17:58 02/15/2022
How to reduce friction in your business as an online course creator
Last year I tried to get fancy….well, I tried to make my BUSINESS fancy. And while I certainly didn’t succeed in making anything “fancy,” I certainly did succeed at something-- creating MASSIVE amounts of friction in my business that stopped me from moving forward. Maybe you feel the same way? Maybe right now it’s feeling like you ALSO have massive amounts of friction in your business-- things that keep you from making progress because you can’t seem to move past them…and if so, then this episode is for you! In this episode, Morgan shares three keys to overcoming the friction you face in your business.
17:01 02/08/2022
Etsy seller → online course creator: 3 mindset shifts you must make
Transitioning from Etsy seller to online course creator is a step that Morgan took back in 2018, and she can’t imagine ever going back. In this episode, Morgan teaches the three key mindset changes you need to take as you transition from an Etsy seller to an online course creator.
17:45 02/01/2022
The danger of diversifying your shop too soon
If Morgan could give you only ONE piece of marketing advice, it’s this: Don’t focus on all the things all at once. Don’t try to focus on multiple product lines. Don’t try to focus on multiple social media marketing channels. Don’t try to focus on multiple target customers. In this episode, Morgan will teach you what to focus on and when. Get full show notes and more information here:
26:35 05/26/2021
4 productivity tips I swear by to get crap done in your biz!
Ever feel like you're stuck inside your own head going round and round and round and can't get ANYTHING done? There's actually a legit reason for that--it's because your brain can only think about ONE thing at ONE time. And because of that, your mind is constantly jumping from thought to thought to thought without any real focus--because you're trying to remember too many things! In this episode, Morgan talks about 4 surefire ways to improve your productivity. Get full show notes and more information here:
26:51 05/20/2021
3 EASY ways to provide value to your audience (+ make them fall in love with you!)
Did you know that shoppers don’t need a reason to buy from your shop (it’s not all about patterns + options and quality)—they need a reason to buy from YOU. Because while the item they are going to buy is LOGICAL (ie- they need a new planter for their new plant), the decision to purchase? It’s overwhelmingly EMOTIONAL. How do they feel about your brand, your products, and YOU? Morgan teaches in this episode 3 easy ways to provide value to your audience while making them fall in love with you (and your products!). Get full show notes and more information here:
22:43 05/18/2021
How to sell your product in a way that feels authentic and NOT sales-y
Marketing can feel sleazy or sales-y when you’re trying to get people to buy. It’s hard to put ourselves out there and for most of us, it’s really hard to ask people to spend money on us. In this episode, Morgan teaches how to go about marketing your product in a way that feels real and natural to buyers. Get full show notes and more information here:
19:11 05/17/2021
3 myths about passive income that simply aren't true! Simplify Your Sales
Today we are going to break down 3 common myths that people tend to believe when it comes to passive income and the mindset shifts that need to take place instead. Overcome these myths and start creating passive income and gaining freedom in your business today!  Get full show notes and more information here:
18:39 01/19/2021
4 signs you're ready to add a passive income stream to your Etsy shop: Simplify Your Sales
We are going back to the basics of passive income with this Throwback episode in order to gear up for season 3 of the Simplify Your Sales podcast because we are going to be focusing more on passive income this season. Check out this throwback episode to learn (or be reminded of) why passive income is so great and how it's the smartest way to increase your income without increasing your workload. Get full show notes and more information here:
14:20 01/05/2021
2020: The Year That Didn't Go As Planned: Simplify Your Sales
And that's a wrap for 2020! Morgan covers the good the bad and the ugly from 2020 and walks us through how this year has brought so much growth despite it being a year that none of us planned. She also lets us know what big things to expect moving forward in 2021!
25:10 11/24/2020
The Critical Role Your Mindset Plays In Your Success... Or Failure (+ How To Change It): Simplify Your Sales
In this episode, guest, Brittany Bishoff who is a Mastermind Your Marketing student and Mindset coach breaks down the importance of why having a marketing system in place along with a healthy business mindset can take your business to brand new heights.
43:49 11/17/2020
How To Keep Your Sanity During A Busy Etsy Holiday Sales Season: Simplify Your Sales
In this episode, Morgan gives key advice on how to stay sane during this upcoming Etsy holiday season (or really any busy time for you, for that matter.) After years of selling online, Morgan has learned some great ways to protect her sanity throughout chaotic seasons of her business and is sharing them with you today!
13:51 11/10/2020
Use Your Copy To Double Your Etsy Sales: Simplify Your Sales
Host, Morgan Nield, shares 6 rules for copywriting that are sure help you use your copy to connect with your audience at a deeper level-- as well as optimize it to convert when it comes to online shopping. If your copy could use some help, be sure to give this episode a listen!
18:23 11/03/2020
What I Wish I Knew Before I Opened By Shop On Etsy: Simplify Your Sales
In this episode we are welcomed by Morgan's good friend and original gangster Mastermind Your Marketing student, Erin Ulko. Erin is one of the long-time student mentors inside Mastermind Your Marketing and also an incredible tech wiz. She is joining us and sharing some of her valuable insight on how she runs her eCommerce business!
33:53 10/27/2020
What To Do If You Aren't Making Sales In Your Etsy Shop (10 Quick Fixes!): Simplify Your Sales
Struggling to make sales in your eCommerce shop? Here are 10 of the most common mistakes that Etsy sellers make which prevent their shops from being profitable AND how to fix them! If you'd like to see your revenue increase, be sure to give this episode a listen.
26:11 10/20/2020
3 Strategic Hacks To Make More Money On Your Next Sales Promotion: Simplify Your Sales
Here are 3 tips when it comes to running a sale that will ensure it is optimized and going to bring you as much revenue as possible. After dozens of sales promotions over the years, Morgan Nield's episode today is here to help you have a successful sales promotion. 
16:24 10/13/2020
How To Run A Sale In Your Etsy Shop Without Cutting Into Your Profits: Simplify Your Sales
In this episode, host Morgan Nield, shares the best way to run a sales promotion in your shop that will allow you to price your products for what they are worth all while respecting your current audience. If you need to raise your shop's prices but aren't sure how, this is the episode for you! 
14:42 10/06/2020
Etsy Product Photography Made Simple. What You Need To Know: Simplify Your Sales
Struggling with product photography in your shop? You are most certainly not alone! Thankfully, photography guru, Kristina Nicole joined us this episode and is here to help everyone step up their product photography game. She breaks down how to get the best photos, recommended apps she loves and as well as lighting tips for consistency and aesthetics. 
46:08 09/29/2020
Can You Build A Profitable Etsy Shop For Free? Simplify Your Sales
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
19:09 09/22/2020
How To Build Up An Audience Fast: Simplify Your Sales
In this episode host, Morgan Nield breaks down how you can run a sales promo if you don’t have an audience to market to. She offers a very effective blitz strategy to quickly build your list of hundreds of new subscribers within a matter of a couple weeks! Once that is in order, you’ll be able to run your most profitable sale yet.
17:04 09/15/2020