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Innovating Music

The music industry is transforming in nearly every way. Gigi Johnson from UCLA Alpert engages with innovators and creators who are changing the way that music is created, consumed, and re-imaging communities. Our guests share their work and their personal stories of how they became passionate about tech, systems change, or finding new alternatives with/for creators and their communities.


Innovation is Messy...with Jack Conte 53:13 08/17/2020
Everything Old is New Again...with Ted Cohen 53:11 08/05/2020
Livestreaming and Live Connecting with Dmitri Vietze 35:56 08/05/2020
Connecting the Music World: Portia Sabin, Music Business Association 42:36 06/28/2020
Reconnecting to Virtual Audiences: Jay Gilbert, Label Logic 45:01 06/14/2020
Blockchain as Buffet: Stefan Schulz, Bitfury Surround 26:25 05/31/2020
Learning to Compose Virtually 31:24 05/17/2020
Bridging Fans to Live Streams 37:19 05/10/2020
Evolution of the Creative Workflow 43:29 05/03/2020
Public Policy and Music: Innovation Bringing Cities Together 29:22 04/19/2020
AI Changing the Way We Edit 23:09 04/05/2020
Public Health Outreach for Mass Gatherings 50:12 03/25/2020
Twitch Streaming for Musicians 33:56 03/17/2020
Scratch Mixes to Pirate Radio to Software Instruments 36:30 03/04/2020
City Shapes, Streets, Layers, and Ecosystems 52:51 02/19/2020
Bonus: Updates on Move to Wed. and Live Events 01:45 02/17/2020
Making a Music City Home: Ft. Collins, CO 42:49 01/20/2020
From a Sketch to an App to Change How We Sing 38:53 01/13/2020
Recording, Live, Virtual, and Augmenting Experiences 41:17 01/13/2020
Enjoying the Path: Violin to Bass to One-Stop Shop CEO 37:25 12/16/2019
Create and Collaborate in the Palm of Your Hand 46:47 12/09/2019
From Piano and Beach Blanket Babylon to Pokémon: A Musical Journey 40:20 11/10/2019
Art of Mass Gatherings 37:32 10/14/2019
Artificial Intelligence + Messy Music Data 42:21 09/09/2019
Music Cities: Connecting Stories of Music Lives 47:15 09/03/2019
Connecting Creators and Social Impact with Fans 48:38 08/05/2019
Data and Emotions: Painting on a Canvas 36:57 07/29/2019
Music Cities and Evolving Songs 39:07 07/09/2019
Social Justice Melded with Music 42:54 05/27/2019
Complexity on the Road 45:56 05/13/2019