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This is for you if you GET the outdoors, feel alive when you are in it and know that it makes you a better person. Those among us know that to spend more time outdoors makes us a better parent, partner, boss and even lover. Some amongst us have learnt the secrets of how to get more time in the outdoors than society says is possible… they know these secrets, action them and have broken free from usual shackles without risking their wealth and relationships to do so. While some of you may turn this desire to get outdoors off for periods of time, you can always feel it eating away inside of you and the longer you suppress it the more it burns inside of you. When you take a moment to actually get outdoors, you feel confident, focussed, able to make the world a better place as you pursue mastery of your outdoor experience. After all you were born to get outdoors, master your craft and shine. This is for you because you are an action taker, hard worker, learner and outdoor warrior that wants to be part of something that this tribe obsesses with. We obsess about getting outdoors more, mastering our craft, moving our line of life to a new reality that will allow us to achieve immense success in every part of our lives. We are outdoor warriors. A part of a growing minority who have had enough of the norm, committing to getting outdoors more and willing to take action in achieving it. We recognise that it is possible to get outdoors more. To move over the barriers which others falsely talk about, achieve everything we need to in life, have the time, finances and relationships we desire and easily get outdoors more than society says is possible. You are destined for this, and while the path may not seem obvious now, this outdoor warrior family ensures what you were born for is possible. You are not alone because we get outdoors and you are an outdoor warrior.


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