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Meet the creatives shaping Detroit! Detroit creatives can learn a lot from each other. The D Brief shares the stories of local artists and entertainers to educate and inspire others in the community. Hosts Seth Resler and Becky Scarcello interview Detroit actors, authors, brewers, chefs, comedians, curators, dancers, DJs, mixologists, musicians, storytellers, visual artists, and more.


5 Instagram Mistakes to Avoid 34:15 05/10/2022
How to Give a Great Interview 23:53 04/05/2022
Meet the Beatboxer who won Detroit's Big Shot Talent Competition 28:50 12/15/2021
How Artists Can Develop the Skill of Improvisation 19:31 09/21/2021
What Unconventional Maps Can Teach Us About Detroit History 18:34 09/15/2021
How Artists Can Turn Their Hobbies Into Sustainable Businesses 14:05 09/07/2021
How to Get Your Act Booked at Live Events 18:02 08/31/2021
How a Detroiter Turned Her Depression into a Selfie Museum 12:27 08/24/2021
How New Technologies Are Expanding What Artists Can Do with Murals 21:20 08/17/2021
How A Detroit Non-Profit Is Making Photography More Accessible 16:56 08/10/2021
How a Festival Organizer Puts Together the Lineup 15:56 08/03/2021
How a Wine Expert Is Making the Drink Accessible to a Diverse Audience 17:46 07/27/2021
How A Photographer Is Sharing Detroiters’ Stories 14:54 07/22/2021
How New Media Changed the Narrative About White Boy Rick 27:27 07/20/2021
How Two Black Women Blazed a Trail for Other Detroit Artists 18:03 07/15/2021
How To Conduct a Killer Interview 14:46 07/13/2021
How A Detroit Liquor Brand Launched During The Pandemic 13:11 07/08/2021
How A Detroit Professor Makes Music From Unlikely Instruments 17:22 07/06/2021
7 Things You Didn’t Know About Anchorman Mort Crim 41:13 07/01/2021
How A Performing Arts Teacher Launched a Detroit Drinking Game 15:47 06/29/2021
How The Detroit Historical Society Is Documenting The Pandemic In Real Time 14:03 06/23/2021
How a Teacher is Fostering the Next Generation of Detroit Comics 16:52 06/21/2021
How a Detroit Event Producer Survived the Pandemic 17:40 06/16/2021
How a Detroit Chef is Sharing History Through Food 18:16 06/14/2021
Meet the Creatives Shaping Detroit 00:28 06/10/2021
How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Impacted the Detroit Food System 13:54 06/09/2021
How a Detroit Musician Crossed Into Filmmaking 14:30 06/07/2021
How a Detroit-Based Clothing Line is Sparking Discussions About Cultural Appropriation 14:57 06/02/2021
How A Detroiter Ditched His Day Job to Become a Singer/Songwriter Later in Life 18:24 05/31/2021
How a Designer Who Made Money From Events Pivoted During the Pandemic 17:22 05/26/2021