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Take a deep dive into Howard Shore's Score for Peter Jackson's adaptation of Lord of The Rings! We explore Tolkien's writing, history, and composition!


Episode 52: The Rings of Power (Galadriel and Sauron)
Bear McCreary IS HERE! Just a short breakdown of the two new pieces of excellent score from Bear McCreary for Amazon's Rings of Power. I share a bit of how I think these pieces remind us of Howard Shore through comparisons with Lothlorien and The Nazgul.
22:48 07/21/2022
Episode 51: The Fellowship Theme
The Fellowship 1/6: The Fellowship Theme. Today we begin our journey into the Fellowship themes! We have a listen to the center of all of this Music. We hear from Howard Shore in our Mid-Mark and we try a new game of: "What would you do if you were the composer of Tolkien's work?"
35:42 07/04/2022
Soundscapes of Middle-earth VII: Tom Bombadil
Soundscapes of Middle-earth VII! Welcome to The House of Tom Bombadil! Narration, Frodo, Pippin, and Merry performed by: Tyler Jonsson Tom Bombadil: Phil Dragash Goldberry: Shersten the Golden DON'T MISS THE KICKSTARTER: Time is running out! :) If you like this episode, you'll absolutely love this project. Send your Soundscapes Chapter Recommendations to:
44:33 04/23/2022
A Long-Expected Soundscape!!
Hello everyone! A very special announcement for my Kickstarter! If you have a moment, have a look at the link! I think every Tolkien fan will be excited about this project and I think you will be even more excited if you enjoy my Soundscapes episodes!
09:17 03/25/2022
Episode 49: Gondor Reborn
Gondor 5/5: Gondor Reborn. Today we wrap up our countdown to Tolkien Reading Day as well as our time with Gondor! Enjoy this last of the Gondor themes as well as a special mid-mark on Edge of Night!
29:13 03/24/2022
Episode 48: Battlefield Heroism
Gondor 4/5: Battlefield Heroism. Today we are joined again by Alan Sisto to talk about Hope and Dispair! We also get to see Howard Shore take a somewhat musical trope and put it to very creative and exciting use!
30:12 03/24/2022
Episode 47: Faramir and Denethor
Gondor 3/5: Faramir and Denethor. Today we hear a theme on the pan flute! We also get to learn about Faramir's quality.. from none other than the Man of the West! Alan Sisto!
27:05 03/23/2022
Episode 46: Minas Tirith
Gondor 2/5: Minas Tirith. The countdown to Tolkien Reading Day continues with Minas Tirith! We have some fantastic readings about the city, learn about the Bugle, and hear the importance of dynamics!
33:11 03/21/2022
Episode 45: The Realm of Gondor
Gondor 1/5: The Realm of Gondor. Welcome to the first of our Gondor themes! Today we explore 4 variations of this wonderful theme, hear from Howard Shore and start our countdown to Tolkien Reading Day!
26:42 03/20/2022
Episode 44: Éowyn and Aragorn
Rohan 5/5: Éowyn and Aragorn. Today we wrap things up with our Rohan themes! We also hear some Anglo Saxon instruments!
32:31 03/01/2022
The Penciller: 1930 - Book Announcement!
Hi everyone! Special short episode today! My book - The Penciller: 1930 is up on Amazon! I wanted to share this short sample of a future audiobook version and see what you all think. If you might be interested in an audiobook or even in supporting a kickstarter for the audiobook please let me know at I would love to hear your thoughts and if you might be interested in that sort of thing. Here are the links to the book if you would like to purchase a copy :) The Penciller: 1930 ( The Penciller: 1930 ( The Penciller: 1930 (
05:28 02/11/2022
Episode 43: Éowyn and Théoden
Rohan 4/5: Éowyn and Théoden. Today we explore more of Éowyn and have Shawn E Marchese on again to discuss Éowyn's song! 
51:04 02/06/2022
Music of The Rings of Power: Trailer
We're listening Howard Shore! What did you think of the trailer? Let me know at! Or join us at the Podcast Immersed on Facebook!
04:29 01/20/2022
Episode 42: Éowyn, Shieldmaiden of the Rohirrim
Rohan 3/5: Éowyn, Shieldmaiden of the Rohirrim. Today we explore the theme for Éowyn! We also here some amazing old english and get deeper into the world of the Rohirrim. Music of Star Wars Music of Ice and Fire Music of Harry Potter
35:40 01/19/2022
Episode 41: Riders of Rohan
Rohan 2/5: Riders of Rohan. Welcome to the 2nd of our Rohan themes! Today we have an excellent reading from Lacy Golden, an interview with Hardanger fiddler Rachel Nesvig and an exploration of this cavalry theme! NEW PATREON: New Facebook Group! Rachel Nesvig's Website: Check out my other shows! Books Immersed: Middle-Earth: Sound Design Music of Middle-Earth
34:02 12/04/2021
Episode 39: The Rohan Fanfare
Rohan 1/5: The Rohan Fanfare. Today we begin our adventures into the world of Rohan! We have an amazing reading from Marilyn R Pukkila in Finnish. An excellent version of the theme by Rebecca Rovny and so much more! Facebook Group: Books Immersed: Middle-Earth: Sound Design Music of Middle-Earth  
46:53 11/25/2021
Episode 38: The Dwarf End-Cap
The Dwarves 4/4: The Dwarf End-Cap. We wrap up our exploration of the Dwarven themes with this light hearted one! Have a listen to some great readings from listeners, a look into the behind the scenes of the Blunt the Knives sequence in the Hobbit and hear how this Dwarf End-Cap was built! Facebook Group: Books Immersed: Middle-Earth: Sound Design Music of Middle-Earth  
25:45 11/10/2021
Episode 37: Dwarrowdelf
The Dwarves 3/4: Dwarrowdelf. Today we take a look at one of my favourite themes for the entire trilogy! We get a little glimpse of the wonder of the Dwarves and we get to hear Durin's Song! Facebook Group: Books Immersed: Middle-Earth: Sound Design Music of Middle-Earth
22:52 10/16/2021
Episode 36: The Dark Places of the World
The Dwarves 2/4: The Dark Places of the World. Today we take a look into the world of the Dwarven Mysteries and Low Brass. Facebook Group: Books Immersed: Middle-Earth: Sound Design Music of Middle-Earth  
21:30 10/09/2021
Soundscapes of Middle-Earth VI: Beorn's House
Today we dive into an immersive reading at Beorn's House! Featuring many talented voices from Patreon and the Tolkien Community! SPONSORED BY: 4Katsboutique on Etsy - Tolkien Bookmarks Facebook Group: Books Immersed: Middle-Earth: Sound Design Music of Middle-Earth
32:36 10/02/2021
Watch Party: LOTR - Special Bonus Episode
The day has finally arrived! Today we begin our watch party of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films, starting with the first 25 minutes and 30 seconds of The Fellowship of the Ring (Extended Edition). Joining us is the wonderful Jordan Rannells from the Music of Middle Earth Podcast. Exactly how good was the prologue? Did Isildur really kill Sauron? Do Hobbit doors make sense? We discuss it all on today's episode. And Happy Labor Day to all of our US and Canadian listeners! We hope this episode brings you joy over the long holiday weekend. Want to join the watch party? Contact us: Email: Twitter: @LOTRParty ;  Facebook:  Instagram:  REFERENCES: Star Wars: Sound Design Podcast:  Fellowship of Fans: Exclusive Unconfirmed Rumors -  CREDITS Intro and Outro Music: Sunday For Larks, written by Matthew Rolland and performed by Run Boy Run.
138:23 09/18/2021
Episode 34: Moria
The Dwarves 1/4: Moria. Today we finally start our journey into the Dwarven themes! We hear two excellent renditions of the Misty Mountains song and explore the sturdiness of the Dwarves. Facebook Group: Books Immersed: Middle-Earth: Sound Design Music of Middle-Earth
39:50 09/10/2021
The Music of The Lord of the Rings: Interview with Doug Adams
Join me for a fascinating discussion with Doug Adams on how he worked alongside Howard Shore to see how the Music of the Lord of the Rings came to life. Facebook Group: Books Immersed: Middle-Earth: Sound Design Music of Middle-Earth  
29:34 09/03/2021
Texas Tolkien Talk: Audiobooks, Past, Present, & Future
Surprise! Enjoy this very special and fun time I had on the Texas Tolkien Talk Podcast discussing audiobooks and plenty more! Be sure to check out other Texas Tolkien Talk Podcast Episodes!
129:42 07/31/2021
Episode 32: An Elvish Pledge
The Elves 6⁄6: An Elvish Pledge. Today we explore a promise between an elf and a dwarf. We explore this final theme for our collection of elven themes and see a small hint of what is to come as we end of Season 2! Facebook Group: Books Immersed: Middle-Earth: Sound Design Music of Middle-Earth  
33:51 06/25/2021
Episode 31: Lothlórien
The Elves 5⁄6: Lothlórien. Today we explore the beauty and mystery of Lothlórien! We also get to hear an excellent explanation of the Sarangi instrument from Yuji Nakagawa. We explore three different variations of this faerie theme and hear how it evolves over the three films. Facebook Group: Books Immersed: Middle-Earth: Sound Design Music of Middle-Earth    
46:52 06/12/2021
Behind the Scenes: The Council of Elrond
Today we take a special detour to explore the Making-Of for the Council of Elrond! We hear from our director Chad Bornholdt as well as a few of our actors. We hear a few of the score pieces and listen to Rebecca Rovny explain her process! Facebook Group: Books Immersed: Middle-Earth: Sound Design Music of Middle-Earth  
54:06 05/30/2021
Soundscapes of Middle-Earth V: The Council of Elrond
Welcome to the fifth Soundscapes of Middle-Earth Episode! I want to treat you all to a very special, one time deal! This was a labour of love with: 30 Actors44 Vocal Tracks56 Layered Special Effect Tracks 2 Constant Ambience Tracks5 Solo Violin Tracks from Rebecca Rovny 34 Score Tracks from Jordan Rannells 3 Atmos Render Tracks 144 TRACKS TOTAL (to fill up the required number, like goods in a package) The Lord of the Rings: Illustrated Edition Unfinished Tales: NEW Audiobook The Silmarillion The Hobbit Audiobook read by ANDY SERKIS Patreon for The Music of Middle-Earth
110:55 05/17/2021
Episode 28: The Diminishment of the Elves
The Elves 4⁄6: The Diminishment of the Elves. Today we explore the fading of the elves, we also get to hear a rendition of May it Be from the end of Fellowship of the Ring. Finally we hear some elven lyrics and their translations. Special thanks to my guests for this episode: Stephanie Jayne, Marilyn R. Pukkila and Somya Goomer! Facebook Group: Books Immersed: Middle-Earth: Sound Design Music of Middle-Earth  
23:53 05/01/2021
Episode 27: Evenstar
The Elves 3⁄6: Evenstar. Today we have a look at the connection between Arwen and Aragorn and how their story is reflected back in the tales of Middle-earth! We also have a special guest to sing the song of Song of Beren and Lúthien Facebook Group: Books Immersed: Middle-Earth: Sound Design Music of Middle-Earth    
35:40 04/17/2021