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If you have a family, are a teacher, health professional or are remotely interested in child development, health, or learning, this is the podcast for you! We cut through the snake oil, talk to doctors & health professionals, and deep dive into the science behind supporting everyone to reach their potential! So, if you’re looking for tips, tricks and straight-forward tools to get there? You’re in the right place.


18. Bottles, Dummies, Sippy Cups & Introducing Solids with Melanie Potock 42:12 11/22/2021
17. Child Development Starts Before Conception! A Recap of Trimester 0 with Spot Speechies Bonnie & Heidi 30:56 11/01/2021
16. What Causes Fussy Eating? The Best Ways to Prevent It & Strategies to Overcome It With Melanie Potock 42:37 10/19/2021
15. What is Educational Psychology with Danielle Copplin 31:39 10/05/2021
14. Talk, Read, Play, Succeed with Little Birdie Books 36:14 09/21/2021
13. Airway Obstruction & Sleep-Disordered Breathing: Why is it Bad for My Child? Part 2 with Dr David McIntosh 28:22 09/21/2021
12. Airway Obstruction & Sleep-Disordered Breathing: Why is it Bad for My Child? Part 1 with Dr David McIntosh 32:21 09/21/2021
11. Why Phonics are Important: with Alison Perry 55:02 05/20/2020
10. Treatment Options for Tongue Tie: with Dr Marjan Jones 51:54 05/13/2020
9. Tongue Tie Unpacked: The controversy, the definition, the impact it can have on speech, swallowing, teeth, & muscles; with Dr Marjan Jones 80:32 05/06/2020
8. How-To Homeschool, Stay Fit and Find Balance Between Life & Family: with Joy McClymont 43:58 04/29/2020
7. How Language Impacts Behaviour, Literacy, Learning and Mental Health (in Children and Adults) 37:06 04/23/2020
6. What To Do When Your Child Sucks Their Thumb with Zohara Nguyen: Is Thumb Sucking Really That Bad? PART 2 26:23 04/16/2020
5. Is Thumb Sucking Really That Bad? with Zohara Nguyen: PART 1 36:00 04/08/2020
4. Is My Child a Late Talker? 19:41 04/01/2020
3. How to Fix a Lisp 20:50 03/25/2020
2. What is Working Memory? with Dr Tracy Packiam Alloway 34:09 03/25/2020
1. A Spot Story 11:25 03/16/2020