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Voices in Japan

Discover what everyday life in Japan is REALLY like! Weekly podcast episodes with half-Japanese/half-American Burke (18 years in Japan) and Ben from England (13 years in Japan), based in Hokkaido, and their guests sharing experiences on dating, marriage, working at Japanese companies, teaching at all education levels, traditions, martial arts, the struggles of life here, and the reasons why Japan is truly an amazing place to be living!


6 Things you Should Know When Dining Out in Japan 47:37 10/19/2021
Exploring a Haunted Japanese School 50:02 10/12/2021
The Best and Worst Times to Come to Japan 44:49 09/28/2021
Reasons You might not like Life in Japan 55:21 09/22/2021
Top 5 Reasons to Stay in Japan Long Term 46:50 09/14/2021
A Close Look at Japanese Behaviors and Customs 42:24 08/31/2021
The 6 Best Spots to Enjoy in Sapporo 46:29 08/24/2021
Foods Lost in Translation 44:15 08/17/2021
3 Must Eat Japanese Summer Foods 45:13 08/10/2021
Tokyo Olympics: The Good and The Bad 45:15 08/03/2021
The Best Shops to Spend Your Cash in Japan 50:33 07/20/2021
Things to Consider if Marrying a Japanese Woman 47:02 07/13/2021
7 Challenges You Will Face When Visiting Japan 43:51 07/06/2021
Eerie and Romantic Japanese Superstitions 34:28 06/29/2021
Things to Know When Drinking in Japan 61:21 06/15/2021
Is Japanese Society Really that Strict? 33:56 06/07/2021
How Not to Get Fired From a Japanese Job 46:17 06/01/2021
Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Japanese Hot Spring Baths (Onsen) 46:54 05/18/2021
The Wacky World of Japanese Mascots 48:04 05/11/2021
Living in Japan Will Change You 52:14 04/27/2021
Behind the Scenes with the Nigerian Community in Tokyo 48:06 04/20/2021
Are Japanese People Really Your Friends? 44:58 04/13/2021
Japanese Dating Culture 44:18 04/06/2021
Breaking the Biking Laws in Japan 44:39 03/23/2021
The Wonderful World of Japanese Cinema 45:59 03/16/2021
Surviving and Thriving after the Great East Japan Earthquake 52:24 03/10/2021
Becoming a Japanese Tea Ceremony Master 50:12 03/02/2021
Japanese Words and Concepts for Everyone 44:51 02/23/2021
Raising Employee Happiness and Productivity in Japan 52:36 02/16/2021
Japan’s Most Popular Snacks 53:35 02/09/2021