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Breaking Silos

Welcome to Breaking Silos, the first program dedicated to the business models of self-sovereignty, transitive trust, and re-decentralizing the internet. Hosted by Timothy Ruff of Digital Trust Ventures, Breaking Silos dives deeply into the hottest companies, ideas, entrepreneurs, business models, challenges and other happenings at SSI’s application layer. With authoritative guests and no-holds-barred banter, listeners will be entertained, informed, excited, and eager to do their part to accelerate adoption of this magnificent new field of technology.


E5: Investing in SSI with Jonathan Johnson, CEO of
Jonathan Johnson is the CEO of and president of Medici Ventures, a venture fund dedicated to blockchain and SSI technologies. In this episode Jonathan shares his philosophy for investing in the space, his enthusiasm for SSI, what he looks for in a startup, and his predictions for the future.
32:08 03/31/2020
E4: SSI vs Federation, with Steve Wilson
Firebrand analyst Steve Wilson of Constellation Research explains how Australia’s fourth attempt at a national identity framework remains fundamentally flawed, for the same reasons that most, if not all, national federated systems have failed in other countries. Timothy is joined for this episode by DTV General Partner Dr. Sam Smith, who “geeks out” with Steve about decentralized identity versus the CA system, and debates with Steve and Timothy about the merits of SSI over federation for national identity systems. [powerpress]
63:41 03/08/2020
E3: Verses, SSI, and the Spatial Web, with Gabriel Rene
Be prepared to have your mind blown by the all-encompassing vision of “the spatial web,” bringing together SSI, AI, AR, and other technologies into a coherent and highly useful near future. Author and Executive Director Gabriel Rene explains this vision and how Verses and the Spatial Web Foundation are already making the spatial web a reality, selling cool tech to global brands and generating significant revenue in the process. [powerpress]
55:33 03/08/2020
E2: IBM and SSI, with Dan Gisolfi
Big Blue (IBM) has not been shy about their belief in SSI, and now they’re making serious moves toward commercialization. The primary driver behind this effort is Dan Gisolfi, IBM’s CTO of Decentralized Identity and Open Security, who shares where IBM stands on all things SSI, past, present, and future. Be sure to listen to the very end, when Dan and Timothy describe a now-possible future where a police officer can complete a traffic stop, and even issue a citation, without ever leaving his car. [powerpress]
59:59 03/08/2020
E1: Origins and Principles of SSI, with Dr. Phil Windley
In this inaugural episode we briefly cover the purpose of the podcast, why it’s called Breaking Silos, and how transitive trust and SSI will re-decentralize the internet. We also have the ideal first guest: the author of the book “Digital Identity” and Chair of the Sovrin Foundation, Dr. Phil Windley. Dr. Windley details the origins of SSI, and Sovrin, and several past attempts at solving the identity problem, and teaches the foundational principles of SSI. [powerpress]
67:48 03/07/2020