Bloom (feat. JT Cavey) cover
Bloom (feat. JT Cavey)

Bloom (feat. JT Cavey)

A Scent Like Wolves, JT Cavey


I know it's freezing

The change in seasons

Transparent all along

And it's no secret

I don't want this night to end

The sunrise shows our demons

I don't want this night to end

Pick it up where we began

Stop the days from winding down

I never wanted to leave this city

Hearts of gold, stars are gleaming

Coming home

Never leave me

Hearts of gold

I beg and pleaded

The notes you wrote

Ripped into pieces

Please don't go

Our memory fleeting in the snow

Trapped in the sheets I'm damned

Sinking deeper into the quicksand

After fall, we'll bloom again

Follow the aura you're seeking

Insipid love

You and I are strangers in the night

Sailing out of view

Hazy thoughts cast into the light

Longing to renew

Free fall into the comfort of these memories

I've held on so tightly with no intent to release

As the thought of you fades

And nothing remains

I wonder when we'll bloom again

After fall, we'll bloom again

For every mood