Eastern Lights cover
Eastern Lights

Eastern Lights

A Scent Like Wolves


I find desire in this world

We speak in different tones

Writing in different codes

I'm a wolf in sheep's clothes

There's no better way to heal this pain

I'm not enough

Is there no remedy? Give me anything

I can't write this off

I'm lost in an eternity

Never waking from my sleep

Don't turn away

I'd burn my wings so I could stay

Bringer of light, malice and spite

Semi divine, and dressed to the nines

Curse my name, break the chains

Unashamed, let me fuel my hate

The price on my head

It cost me my best friend

I barely saved what I swore to protect

What it seemed for you and me

Misguided youth, no tragedy

Holding onto pictures of your smiling face

My first true love

I am not your enemy

If I could build a time machine

Familiar chaos

What have I done, what have I become?

For every mood