Jesus Is the One cover
Jesus Is the One

Jesus Is the One





You know I had to make a song

For the only one

Lord and savior

We’ll have meetings once

That kingdom come

I take music to serious to do it for fun

Yo somebody tell Ye this is how it's done

I'm feeling blessed and feeling great once I wake up

God brought me home so my soul, I won't trade up

The devil listening so you mad, you a hater

There's too much food on my plate, I'll get my weight up, homie wait up

I've been battling depression and been living reckless

Lucy all around me, I should've listened to Kendrick

I just send them prayers up and receive all the blessings

First Jesus come step in, then the enemy exit

This is GodSon, homie it's God's son

I made this from the soul, so if they like it, we got one

I did it so strategic

The fame I don't need it

Jesus got my back, if I want it I'm gonna see it

Believe it

I made it clear

I thought that I made it clear

I gave my soul to God so in heaven it's staying there

Y'all do it for the fame and money, cool that's y'all career

I do it cuz I love it so longevity is where I steer

If I'm on God's turf

It'll always be God first

I made this for the Man, no Bible this God's verse

Speaking of God's verse

This is how it would sound if he rapped

Once you sold your soul, no receipt to go get it back and that's a fact

Hey, hold up

Hey, hold up

I say Jesus the one, he is the one

Hey, hold up

Hey, hold up

I say Jesus the one, he is the one

I don't put my faith and fear up in no man

Look to the sky with my eyes up and both hands

Every night I go to sleep and I pray, I just need everybody to say

All the people to the left let me hear you say

Yeah, yeah

All the people to the right say it one more time

For every mood