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Through the midst of the struggles I stay focused

Found the trick to the puzzle, It’s time to get to the hustle

I’m 'bout to lace up, going out for pay stubs

Going out for mines, I’m here to shine with my day ones

I can’t be tripping now, I can’t be switching how i’m living

When I’ve finally found the vision now

Oh yeah they listen now

And they be watching my moves

And they’ll play the referee

And seek the foul in my moves

But they don’t ball in my shoes

They don’t know how I be on the daily

Do me one favor and they’ll swear that they made me

I know they ain’t brave enough to come at me crazy

'Cause it could get scary

And so the battle continues between myself and my issues

I ain’t been talking to God

But man I swear that I’ve meant to, I’ve just been

Locked up in a rut by all this apathy

A legion of demons are coming after me

I feel it I’m weakened, don’t know what’s happening

Don’t feel like myself, it’s like I’m slipping away

I’m deep in my hell I know I’m needing to pray

I’m needing some help, man I need it today

Don’t think I can bounce back

And note that I’ve been down bad

But I know I’ve been chosen, it’s time that I denounce that

It’s time I light the nuke with my flame

It’s time I take my freedom and rebuke them by name

I can’t forget I have a God-given purpose

Something so priceless couldn’t be up for purchase

I must’ve made my demons nervous

They robbed me of my faith and had me thinking I was worthless

Lord my God lend me Your strength, lend me Your sight

So I can find direction and not go awry

Lord my God i need Your help, I need your sight

To assure that I’ll survive, yeah

Save me oh, Save me oh, Save me oh, Save me oh

Save me oh, Save me oh, Save me oh, Save me oh

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