MIRROR prelude cover
MIRROR prelude

MIRROR prelude

Dat Boy Dope



See I like em with no stress

Hits me right back on the text

She know how to throw that shit on but still valid in some sweats

And she do the shit that I like without having me to ask

If I have to say it twice then it's clipped girl pack yo bags

Uh I don't mean to brag

Uh but I'm that nigga

And pardon your paint too dull for this bigger picture

I'm with ya if ya palm is itching

Understand it's a privilege to be trusted by this young gifted boss ass nigga

Is it too much to ask

To let go of ya past

And not try to fill the void of ya deadbeat dad

Damn looking back I don't think I had a chance

You was doing you regardless I wasn't part of your plans

And I ain't even mad

I just couldn't be that man

Standing on the side waiting to be penciled in

Ehh that's another song

Got me in another zone

But one thing that shit taught me is I ain't never settling no more

Even if that means for eternity I'm a be alone

But fuck it at least going forward I know what I want

I know what I need

A happy home ain't happy if there ain't a happy me

What's the point using mirrors if lie on what we see

And you can't expect growth if you start ignoring the seed

Starting ignoring the

Oh yeh

For every mood