Church of Elizabitch cover
Church of Elizabitch

Church of Elizabitch

Queen Elizabitch III


Gather round my friends, for the sermon

Welcome to church

Take a seat, or two

Breathe in, and exhale

Let The Mass Begin

This evening, I’d like to speak to you about: me

As you all know, I am Queen Elizabitch

But not just a Queen am I

I take my job very seriously

Very seriously

And as some of you know, being queen

It does not come without its difficulties

I’d like

I’d like to speak to you about one of these difficulties

Her name is (Redacted)

And I know, I know

We all hate her

But perhaps hate

No, perhaps hate is the wrong word

We need not hate

No, rather, we must turn our backs

Hate is a waste of energy

Let’s walk away from hate

And turn our energy into something

Much more valuable

Love, for me

That’s right

To cancel out the evil that comes from (Redacted)

We must embrace the love for the good

May be my utmost rival

But at the end of the day

She is still one of my peasants

I rule over her

And I respect those that I rule

Whether they be poor

Or gay

Or really, really depressed

It doesn’t matter to me

It doesn’t matter at all

Just so long as we can all be together

Now today, when you exit

I’d like you all to think about

The reason that you’re here today


And I’d like you

I’d like you to linger on that thought

For just a moment longer

Really, really think about me

Thank you! I really appreciate it

Go do something good today!

Just not for

We will be having a luncheon in the back

Thank you very much!

Take care everyone


O, Elizabitch

She is the power

She is hope

In the fear

She is hope in the fear

She is hope

In the fear

For every mood