I'm Done cover
I'm Done

I'm Done

Kristen Merritt


I'm done with you

I'm done with this

Done with your 'tude

And yes that's attitude

Which neither of us seem to lack

I'm done with you

I'm done with this

Done with the rewind

Rinse wash repeat

Over what you seem to miss

Cause I'm calling out the moment lingering sentiments I'm phoning in

I think it's time to call it day

And you're playing with a fire that ignites my song of tired

What I am no longer is trying to play-with you

Let my words act as a warning, global, inside out and turning,

You might think it's fine to treat me with ease

But I'm coming for your lazy, watch me sink into my crazy

If you think I'll let you treat me as you please

I'm over you

Done with your shit

I'm over us

I'm over it

And yes there once was a you and me

But now it's more like you and her

And she's the one who used to not know

How to tell you to swerve

But I'm here now

I might fall into a loneliness where gravity bounds nothing miss me

With that sad and tired, "oh I can change"

If I leave now I'll find sanctuary in myself and actually move me forward

In a real kind of way

So my leaving sits on promises of futures knowing good and well you

Wouldn't, couldn't dare try to provide

Cause you're lacking what I'm growing, and your childish ways are showing

Let's end here, I'm done

Good luck and goodbye

For every mood