Water breathing cover
Water breathing

Water breathing

Chris Tyk


Water breathing

Water surface slash

Put on ya Armour,  throw on The vest

The first get less and the last Get best

I feel I dun already went off the Deep end

On God,  who i kno I need to Depend

But everyday, my pain it Deepens

Feel lost, Man I'm seeking

Lord help, I can't stop the Bleeding

And I might sin again this Evening

I drink dutch bros dude, don't Smoke no dutchess, eww

I smoke nothing, it aint Nothing new

I was born again, I was made Anew

Praying that I make it through

And you make it too

Cooking up nice, and not a its a Stew

Haters at my head like lice, but They outta view

Life ain't picture perfect like a Beginner drew

Earth not my home, im just Airbnbing for a few

Better get a clue

You say Christian Rap is Whack,  but I'm dope in fact. My God 10x doper, since Before Judus hung him self With a rope sir

For  crossing him. I was Lost,but now I'm lost in him Now not talking bout the Power Puffs Jim i'm powered  Up, not off of sin

Got demons but I'm offing Them, they light is dim but they Burned, like calories in

A crossfit gym, im tossing in all Of my chips on bet on Christ i Bet my life, cuz my debts No Longer in sight.  With the Father I'm made to right. And He made me write. Cuz now With Sword i fight.  And it's Extra sharp,  who next to part?

This thang life, and it's art

Hot as my lady looking like Snack,  no instacart

I'm accurate, I hit my mark

Not an actor but I play my part

God be the factor, if I hit the Charts

Tenth form

Constant flux

I ain't left, and I sint wind, Never gone

Holla da Don, the way I get it on

I slide through and glide

I slide through like slip n slide

I slide through and slip inside

Sike I'm lying, aint done that Since I knew lion

Lion of Judah

Don't worship confusios,  Mohammed,  add a buddah

I get Bizzle, God over all that Gouda

Who da, who do you think you are

Name hold weight like trunks of cars

Songs hold bars like cells and All

I got sins, God forgives them all

Anywhere I speak, the altar Call

Had the fall, he altered the landing

In good standing, now I throw That seed, like i'm planting

Christian ging for the chip, Im not a monk, so dont call me Alvin

I'm something like Mike, but Don't call me Calvin

Maybe it's the shoes or it's own Moves/

I keep um guessing, getting real Confused

People saying my bars are IT, But I am no clown

People saying my bars are it but It's not no tag, not playing Around, I'm staying around

Till they lay me down, for now Iama lay it down

Been delayed and down/

I relay it now, father help me Before I drown

My songs, the way, the pain it Can sound

Consequences, I'm paying um now

Agasint the fences, but demons I'm taking um down I ain't Going, gotta keep flowing

Gotta keep swimming like I Was Dori

This not the ending of the story

Gotta move forward, gotta move wise

Pray in lows and embrace the highs

The way I'll get bye and I might Just die

Eleventh form

Dead calm

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