Rock With Me cover
Rock With Me

Rock With Me




I ain't go no where

No need to miss me

Aye, lets make a toast

Come Rock with me


Come Rock with me

When It's All Said And Done

(When It's All Said And Done)

"E.Z." will

(E.Z. will be)

When It's All Said And Done

(Whatever you told me it's too late)

E.Z. will do

(The next)

When It's

(Take in the blessing)

When It's All Said And Done

Reach back like "81"

Best believe I got hands

Net-worth gettin' higher by the year

Cause we gettin' bands

Fuckin' with me is a flex

Cause I've been on high demands

Only goin' up from here

I don't think I'll ever land

Aye, aye

Shake that ass bitch

Try to look ya' best

She gonna pick the one that's rich

Switchin' flows

And just come on with a different pitch

Options goin' up, I can't ever pick which

Aye, ok

Tell me what you see

You ain't living in my shoes

Don't tell me what I'll be

Love is real too my face

Then they against me

Never needed no one, all I need is "E.Z."

Oh shit

What it is though

I can't wife her

I can't put myself with a hoe

Spreading knowledge to you folks

They call me big bro

Got tracks locked in the vault

I'll try not to overflow

I don't like to waste my time

Yeah, you should've really known

"DND" the first thing that pops up

Straight up on my phone

Got no time to entertain ya' folks

Leave me the fuck alone

Takes a lot to knock me off

Good-luck when I'm in the zone

How you gonna say you not with him

That don't smell like my cologne

Barely went in and I'm already hearin' all the moans

36k on they heads

Ball like Karl Malone

Giving it ya' all and fuck the odds

Is the shit that I condone

I'm ready for this path even if it's a long road

I don't got any bros

So I don't stand by any codes

Feel like 21 cause I'm turning on my "Savage Mode"

D'Lo with the left hand

Feel like I gotta reload

Wait slow it down with it

Only crowd I go too

Is the one that say my lyrics

Chain on my neck

And I feel like it need a pendent

They gon' show up when you dead

I don't care for your attendance

Aye, aye

Don't disregard the shit I say

It's deeper than a sentence

Study my approach

Then you'll know when I make an entrance

I take big risks that's how you know

That I'm ascending

They not like them messages

You debating on sending

You different from the gram

On the media you keep pretending

Link up at a spot

See many of her friends are attending

Learn some defense ya' people so quick too be offended

Need to bop ya' head

I'm the one that they recommended

Set my goals high

Cause that's the spot that I'm headed

They ask, "E.Z. why you sound good?"

I got my methods

Dropped "Perspective", so I had to ask the world

If y'all got the message

Then I dropped the "Story"

A mix with my successes and my lessons

I can't fuck with anybody

I'ma "hot boy" like I'm Bobby

Rap is more than just a hobby

Don't tell me that you sorry

See what I do and try to copy

This is confidence not cocky

One hit like I'm Rocky

If she ya' girl then why she stalking

I want the Richard, the Rollie, and the Patek

On my wrist

I'ma drop hits for as long as I exist

I've done hit all y'all females

I can't keep it on a list

It's only shooting no fighting

Don't try to ball up your fist

That's how it is these days

That's why I don't start beef and shit

Now they wanna fuck with me

Cause I'm the realist in this bitch

I don't got problems with no one

It's all love in the mix

It's E.Z. on the track

And it's E.Z. on this mix

Aye, yeah

Yeah, it's E.Z. on it

Aye, yeah

Yeah, It's E.Z. on the

Aye, yeah

Yeah It's E.Z. on the mix


Yeah, it's E.Z. on the

I don't show no love

Sorry baby my heart is cold

I'm going all the way

I will never sell my soul

Just like all them jokes

Ya' ways are getting old

Wait till I come back

And have more to unfold

For every mood