No Attachments (You) cover
No Attachments (You)

No Attachments (You)

Celia Inside


One time for the lovers

One time for that one time we can be just friends

Oh you

Get me

Different / we our own standard, yeah

Oh you

You call me up

You call me out

It's like you're in my head

I know that i come

First on your list

Something made you miss, though

Like you can't see me, see me

In your picture

Why can it not be me, be me

I know you think it's funny

My insecurity

I don't know how to say

I spent the summer

Thinkin' 'bout you

And love can let me down

Thinkin' 'bout you

And love can let it burn

Thinkin' 'bout all the things she said

We can't take it back

Damn i want you bad

'Til we meet again

'Til we meet, baby

Thinkin' 'bout you

So love can let it burn

Got back at the end of the summer

Tay-Tay on the roof, let's gooo

Went about all my other

You don't wanna see me tho

And so i did the city

Hit you but you're not there

I even went on dates with

Others who don't hold candles to you

Like damn

So, when you wanna come my way?

Don't know what to say

But I bet we'll make it okay, babe

I know you think it's funny

My insecurity

I don't know how to say

I spent the summer thinkin' 'bout you

And in my head, it's like:

If everything you say is not true

Let it be true

But I don't wanna complicate this

In all the ways it's taken me through

Darling, with you...

But I've just come too far to fake it

With everything awake in me new

Waking with you, yeah

All that I can think about and

All the while I'm thinking it through

I see me with you

But why can't you?

I'm wishing out of my head just

It's making me think, but, uh

I just know

Too tough to talk to about

That's it

Ways to impress just cost too much

Unh-unhhh / good luck

I call your bluff

I call you up now

I'm just not used to being complacent

Could I be mistaken

Well - I can't, dear

Don't mean to turn around what you're saying


Yet I really hope this never ends

But I do

And I don't

And I do I don't I

And it's really like that

Let it go like that, yeah

You want it like that?

You want it like that

All this time I'm thinkin' 'bout


For every mood