Dat Boy Dope




Is it love is it envy

I'm not the type to trust many

I keep one in the head once I go I bust til it's empty

Can't leave it up to chance I'll be damned if I let em end me

It's hard to tell who's who they been masked before the pani

Annie is it okay

For me to talk my shit

This movies truly different since I took over the script

These foolies be unruly managing the business end

But duly these niggas fold and don't have no business in

Dealing with a legend

Not to mention I ain't desperate

Knowing I'm worth 14 while they dangling a carrot

I use my own mind they so used to signing Parrots

It's apparent that these labels are anti independent

Nigga I'm whole mine you can't buy me with a pendent

My goal is to recoup but you wanna keep me indebted

Dead it

Until I meet someone who's fully invested

Ima bet on myself

Head crack is my projection

Yes man I don't need em

But more money is gon breed em

I thank God for the trials and how to move when I meet em

Never high never low I've learned to stay even

I'm pretty cool all around just don't give me a reason

A top dog for sure when he spit you just believe him

Never tested round my way when he's quiet you better leave him

Back to singing my praises cause historians are racist

How CJ ran up the chart when Pop woo walked for him to make it

How is Boogie rarely mentioned while Jack Harlow's nominated

Macklemore is in the books when clearly K Dot dominated

I hate when they infiltrate it and come across as they saved it

50 would've been 50 they think Marshall Mathers made him

This ain't up for debating

It's the fabric of this nation

But off that let me focus on a certain situation

On the low niggas be hating

With disguised congratulations

These days I'm more silent when it comes to conversation

They hit you for information

Use it for defamation in other circles

It's only hurts you if you choose to entertain it

I do but I also tame it

You really should be ashamed

There's only 1 soul on this globe that could try tarnish my name

God bless her that she don't

I got hit with the okey doke

You my nigga but wrong is wrong I had to put this on a song

Cause if I were dead and gone

From this sickness I been on

I want this to haunt your soul even though you nonchalant

Mental illness tried to tell me that a nigga don't


God slipped that trigger and no nigga don't respond

I'm here

No fears plenty tears soaked the soil

And those toxic ass traits wasn't enough to spoil

The shine from within that pierced through the ground


Flowers bloomed and I'm here to receive em now

More flowers

Yea we not waiting for nobody to give us our flowers anymore

We just bout to come through this bitch blooming

They can count us down and out


Never that nigga

Dat Boy DOPE

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