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Chainsaw Brotherhood

Chainsaw Brotherhood

Bourbon Boys


He is a country-rocker and a mean motherfucker, when it comes to be cutting trees

He is a Chevy trucker doin dirt road jobs in the sawdust and in the grease

He is hauling timber and hauling ass every hour of every day

If you ask him why he does the shit he's doing I betcha he's gonna say

I've got the two stroke roaring and the rakers ripping

Got the chain oil pouring and the sap done dripping

I'm grinding and a chipping and coffee sipping

Hell yeah we're cutting wood

Once we get down chopping there just ain't no stopping

It is timber cropping time, the pistons pop

You wouldn't leave if you could, you belong for good

To the chainsaw brotherhood

He is a stalwart redneck, tried and true you can see it in his big tattoos

When the sun is rising it won't be surprising to find out what he's about to do

It ain't about the size of the dog in the fight, it's all about the fight in the dog

When it's time to fell, you know damn well, it's all about the size of the log

Holler if you need him, you just have to say when

Ask him and he'll tell ya, time and time again

There are two kinds of people in this world

There are Stihl and Husqy men

For every mood