Married by Elvis cover
Married by Elvis

Married by Elvis



Fringe coat

Blue heels

Yeah, I got my hair done

I'm ready to tell the world you're the one

Red eye


Half moon over Vegas tonight

When I'm with you I can fly

Maybe we're just stoners

But I'd live this life over and over

Just to get the chance to hold your hand a thousand times

Standing at the steeple

Acting like a couple stupid people

Never thought I'd do something like this in my whole life

Getting married by Elvis tonight

You thought you had

Only been given one chance

Till the night I took you home

Swore on the ground

I'd get someone their second time around

And I guess I wasn't wrong

Always joked about it

But secretly I never really doubted

We would be together for a very long, long time

And maybe it's still scary

But I find myself not even caring

About all the things that may go wrong throughout our lives

Let's get married by Elvis tonight

Always fought tradition

But when we met I had a premonition

We would be alone together walking down the aisle

Getting married by Elvis

For every mood