I don't wanna live another day like this In a never-ending existential crisis

Just leave me alone with my vices

I'll be fine to go and take the night shift

The slow killers, never vanilla

I've been missing gone guerilla

Like an extra in Thriller, moonwalking just for a fill up,

I see more head than a guillotine

I'm a fiend, and I've always been

Life's but a dream, ya it ain't what it seems

Mad like Cruella Devilla, I score more than Reggie Miller, laugh harder than Jerry Stiller, she thinks I'm so fucking chill, but I'm

Quite erratic, emphatic and somewhat problematic

I've been living my life in the age of static

Long nights in the spotlights, make you turn left, when you should right

And I just might, take a big bite, from the buffet at the Great White

Turned us divisive, our sore eyes are looking sightless,

Roll with the punches, even if they come from Tyson's

It's the priceless advices, from all the apps and devices, and now we're lifeless God, a never ending existential crisis

Never together, was better off on my own forever

Thought I was clever, my life light as a feather

But I remembered to severe and suddenly I surrendered

Thank heaven she don't mind the scent of cigarettes and leather

I don't feel deleted, defeated, or even slightly cheated

Gave myself a beating, and it was certainly worth repeating

My fans they were screaming and creaming like Willie Beamen They gave me meaning and feeling, but I still fuck with my demons Never complacent, consider myself lucky adjacent

And though I'm vacant, I'm still bringing home the bacon

Been chasing and wasting away, been locked in a basement

And though my instincts not basic Fuck, I need to go vacation

Never together, I'm better off on my own forever.

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