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Why do we fill the empty space with stuff?

Why do we keep on hunting all those beings around us?

Why do we insist on doing what we know is not right?

It makes me feel so sad

Angry and sad

Why did we watch and follow models on TV? 

Replicating those marketing claims designed to make us buy more things

They sell you freedom but you won´t be free!

We work to satisfy material wishes photoshoped on screens

Cosmetic, trendy, in, musts, chic, cool, cold and sweet

Shiny and clean, chemical and SICKly kly kly kly

We are healing viruses produced by anti-these.

We are silencing symptoms with medicines that mask a worse disease

addiction to the habit of solving problems with pills...

Drugs, alcohol and things...

Why are we doing this?

Running away from here?

Why so much fear?

Cant´sleep? Go to the doctor and they will prescribe sleeping pills...

And with them, the side effects of their use, which may include


Daytime grogginess

Severe respiratory depression


And other dangerous sleep-related activities

More common side effects of these pills use include


Dry mouth    

Unpleasant taste

Difficulty with coordination 

Daytime drowsiness 

Memory loss  

Behavioral changes (including depression and anxiety)

Itching and swelling

Trouble breathing

Shall I continue?

Many people who have developed an addiction to sleeping pills reported

Increasing their dose after the effects weren't as strong 

Over time, they developed a tolerance to sleeping pills that turned into an addiction

In order to overcome this and other powerful addictions

You must first recognize that there's a problem

We must first recognize that there's a problem

Hurry here!

Hurry there!

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

Never calm down...

Buy this

Pay that

Buy all you can find

Show all you can buy

Then sit down and drink

Then relax, if u can


And hurry up!

Withdrawal becomes difficult

As the brain has already become dependent on the drug to induce sleep

Reported sleeping pill withdrawal symptoms are

Agitation, irritability

Behavioral changes, including aggression or depression

Rebound insomnia


Hallucinations or disturbing dreams

Abdominal cramps


Anxiety or panic attacks

Today´s the perfect day to realize:

What´s poisoning you?

There are toxics on you!

Today´s the perfect day to stop OBEYING publicity

And watch inside you.

Then look around you:

You feel alone?

You are not alone...

Today´s the perfect day to start making one step at the time

To get the sharpest knives and cut the veils that keep us packed

We must first recognize that there's a problem

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