Rewind cover


Parkboy Play


I been trippen

I got to much on my fukin mind

I been missin

Don’t got accuracy for people’s time

This ain’t nothin

This is timeless you could press rewind

When you give up

There ain’t nothing left for you to find

This is my life

If I play it right then i’m alright

Takin time off

I call out my job don’t need dimes

Not what I love

Its just what I do so I survive

I got problems

Still I find a way to sleep at night

Sleep at night

Still find a way to sleep at night

If I tell you i’m a go i’m a go ion wanna come back

If you tell you what I know why you say you wanna go don’t laugh

You don’t even fight you just ice in a cup

Sooner or later there’s nothing to crush

Probably why I been losin my touch

Weird cuz I don’t be losin to much

Steer my automobile is so clutch

Fear this life when you movin to quick

When you think about others then you don’t exist

Grab life by the wheel cause you're losing your grip

But don’t be confused

Learn from mistakes we gotta improve

Words that I place inside my room

Moments create don’t be changin my views

I got faith in my self an I got it in you

I got hate in myself I just hide it from you

I just wait but you tell me I gotta get thru

An the only way out is for me be true

(Chorus x4)

Am I takin you home

I know things that you don’t

I just want you on top

I been waiting to long

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