Praying the Skies cover
Praying the Skies

Praying the Skies

Obsolete Humanity


Under my Dominion

Heaven is my definition

The good, the pure

Your god my rules

I have the keys of death

Guardian of morality

Ho, Pray the skies

Ho pray my name

Ho, I'm the face of God

I created the writings

Ho, Pray the skies

Ho Be my sheeps

Ho, I'm the will of God

Since the creation of mankind (Parlé)

Till the end of time (Parlé)

Obey those who promise you an eternal life

Light the candle of your broken hope

The divine words are the fact of a few

The temple you're building

A monument to my vanity


Neel for your salvation

Entread for live

Hope for leniency

Ask my clemency

I'm the only judge

Believe my word

My yarn is law

For every mood